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Sweet Punch Lines for Your Loved ones :)

Updated on July 1, 2017

It's time to make someone happy and in love at home.

Words are very powerful, it can make you feel happy and it can make you feel sad and discourage. Make every effort to say nice words to your sweetheart, parents and friend any where and every where. You can try these ones while you are having your meal and or while watching TV.

  • Are you a spoon? Because if I am fork and you're a spoon, we're meant to be together :)
  • Are you a Television? Because you make my time pass by just by watching you:)
  • Are you water? Because if I'm a glass, I am empty without you.

It will help you start a conversation.

Sweet punch lines can also help you open up and start up a conversation. If you are having a date and you don't know how to begin a conversation, well try these and surely it will be a sweet start of a lovely conversation.

  • Are you a seat belt? Because I feel so secured with you.
  • Are you a side mirror? Because I can't stop looking at you.
  • Are you a car wiper? Because you wipe my blues away.

Try making your loved ones smile before going to bed.

These will also help you lighten up a conversation specially when things are starting to wired up, or when your loved one's day was so tiring, try saying some sweet punch lines before going to bed, it might give them relief and have a restful and happy sleep.

  • I wish I am a comforter, so that I can comfort you when you're cold.
  • I wish I am a pillow, so that you can lean on me all the time.
  • I wish I am a pillow, so that you can hug me too.

Enjoy life with your loved ones, make them happy today by saying some sweet punch lines.


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    • Rhoda Jose profile image

      Rhoda Jose 7 months ago from Taytay,,Rizal

      Start making someone happy today :) I'll post more sweet punch lines... :)