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Sweet Submission

Updated on May 3, 2017
MissCue profile image

I say out loud, what others only think. I take great pleasure in expressing hardcore truth about awkward situations at Misscue's Hubpages.

Sweet Submission
Sweet Submission

I Think To Myself...

"Where are we going today", she wonders? She smiles playfully, head cocked slightly to the left, not unlike a peacock ready to flair and fan its tail feathers in a more than seductive manner. Staring at herself in the car window, her unadorned reflection a reminder of her only purpose. Sitting proper, in an upright position, with both hands on her bare upper thighs, fingers bent slightly downward and inward in anticipation, eyes beckoning for permission to start the process.

Two Years Ago

It had been nearly two years now, since she had finished the unremitting training process, her skills exquisite…now so honed in on his every whim. It seemed like a life time ago, that early morning, when he plucked her off the side of the road, while she ambled slowly, aimlessly, dreading another pointless day at her all-girls school. She tugged at her white knee socks, pulling them up close to her upper thighs, skirt dancing right along, rolled at the waist in an effort to eliminate any excessive fabric.

Expect the Unexpected

She smiled now with fond recollections; that day she dared not stray off her path, in fear of missing him. Knowing that once he saw her, his eyes would stay glued onto her playfully, almost luring her to him, knowingly, with his unfaltering gaze.

Her heart skipped excitedly as she noticed the sleek, black car with mirrored windows, turn the corner towards her with an air of royalty, as it had for nearly a fortnight at that very same moment with utmost precision. This time, though, the wheels deliberately slowed the vehicle motion to that of a crawl. The rear passenger door popped open independently, mechanically, invitingly. Without hesitation, she recklessly descended into the belly of the beast, with careless abandon.


Stilettos | Source

Yes Sir

Yes Sir
Yes Sir

Sweet Surrender

Now, she sat, just like that early morning when her life as she knew it had vanished with no trace. He had instructed her to disrobe, his voice stern, yet his manner gently forgiving. She held still pending his further instruction. With pleasure, she anticipated the touch of his strong hands as he glided them skillfully over her every curve, pausing only at her slightly parted lips.

Dedication, focus…disciplined. The product of his every desire. Her sole purpose, simple and precise.… to obey his every command . Her own needs set aside, fine-tuned to his every gesture. She was simply there to please. Sweet surrender …Submission.

© 2012 Helen Kramer


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