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Updated on December 15, 2009

In the entire period of their marriage, arguments were common as part of the script of an unhealthy relationship. Not only that, it may lead to a more serious one if their misunderstanding come to a point of separation. Why this is so? Because marital confrontation is the deterioration of working relationship between married couple. It started a lack of intimacy and closeness. The once sweet tenderness become the feeling of dissatisfaction. The coldness of their relationship is like an ice in the freezer.

A healthful arguments centered on a reasonable interpretation, views and opinions of a certain subject. When one of them submit to a good reason and accepted when wrong, the sourness of their relationship should have been prevented to get worse. Most couple have their own unreasonable feeling of being proud. It is not easy to accept a mistake because they believed one of them is superior from the other in relative to their argument. If they keep on protecting their individual ego, reconciliation is somewhat difficult in the sense that they are not interested to put their marriage back to its feet. They no longer believed their marriage vow. That such agreement is just recorded in the piece of paper not imprinted to their heart and mind about the sanctity and sacredness of their union. They no longer interested to continue their intimate relationship because there is already coldness in their heart that it is not easy to be cured.

Most affected to this destructive squabbles is the member of the family whose hope for possible reconciliation with their parents are now in vain.

If it happens that you have a similar experience torn between two separate emotions of tenderness and regret, what you will do?

If you are extremely angry, it is best to reduce the level of emotional state to become serious. It is more convenient if you know the better way to cool off.

If one of you is angry, there is an unreasonable atmosphere of frustration and severe tension. Any facts become distorted and out of context. No one will listen because they were influenced by their emotion. But once the feeling started to calm down, each one may realize the inconveniences of such outburst and become open-minded in resolving the issue in a nicer way.

If your husband is in uncontrollable anger, just leave him alone and give him time to cool off. Never argue, he will never listen to good reason.

If you are one in the verge of exploding, find a better place to cool off. Walk or do other activities that will distract your mind from your anger.

Marital differences can be resolve constructively and amicably if both are willing to take the issue in good faith. If they still love each other, they have to enhance it and put their misunderstanding to rest. Both partners should be honest to their feeling and not letting hostility to break them apart. Differences in opinion does not mean there is a considerable gap in their relationship. It is just a form of exercise for a healthy union.


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