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Updated on March 30, 2013

To my husband who claims he's still crazy for me after all these years.

It was summer of 84, by chance, we met

We sat on the plane together ,you said hello

Not much to say I turned my head

I looked out the window ,I said Oh no!

We were in Paris for different reasons

You were in Paris for serious business

I was in Paris for the love I thought

But my heart was bleeding , I was a mess.

I was young,carefree and reckless

Cast all my cares for the love I seek

I could have sold my soul, if it was to be

Youth has its lessons,I had wounds to lick.

My story goes like a normal beginning

I met a man who woke my innocent soul

He flew planes and I was blown away

I thought for sure he is my all and all.

His dashing good looks in pinstripe suit

Those big blue eyes caress my sight

Been wined and dined like the goddess Venus

I was on top of the world beyond the tallest heights.

He lived in Paris but was never home

His grand career took him all over

He worked in Manila for a little while

He loved Manila but not forever.

I fell for him ,what girl wouldn't be?

I met a dashing knight so clever

He wanted me to love and cherish

I was naive and believed him altogether.

Come to Paris , he convinced me

I dropped my life and packed my bag

In a heartbeat, I didn't think twice

Before long, I'd see my love and hug.

Paris ,here I was, alone and hopeful

My bag and my new life,happily to unfold

But as time goes on, I noticed changes

The love of my life,in reality, is starkling cold.

Again I packed my bag and head back home

At Charles de Gaulle airport , I was all alone,

The love I thought was just an illusion

Homeward bound, I'm crushed to the bone.

So I sat with you on the plane that fateful day

You looked nice ,polite and friendly

That twelve hour flight was the bridge we crossed

It didn't take long before we were talking steadily.

It took awhile before I began to trust you

I was wary, to let my heart caught off guard

I was still enthralled with the love I left in Paris

But you persevered and didn't pressure me hard.

Finally, we moved in together

Still, I had doubts if this union is carved in bleak

Moving in , we both know this was a serious act

Deep in my heart, I knew we will click.

Your kindness and sweetness drew me to you

Your are smart with unassuming ways

And treated me with a smooth gloved hand

Hard to find a man like you,these days.

Honey,this I gotta tell you without doubt

You are my life and my love to last

We had our challenges along the way

Inspite of it , HONEY,you're a TOP class.

Twenty eight years later ,it has been,

We have traversed the road of matrimony

I have been blessed with the best of the best

Honey, we've lived a life of peace and harmony.

I feel lucky to have met you

I thank God, You , being there

I can never see myself with onother

Honey, I am going nowhere.


Your crazy, naughty,sometimes wacky and full of antics wife. :-)


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    • Globetrekkermel profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from CALIFORNIA

      Wow Avian, thanks again girl! Interestingly enough, I am still friends with my ex.I know it sounds weird and this does not seem the traditional response for a split but,I am lucky to have been blessed with a good head on my shoulders. I easily forget things even the bad experiences(at the time,LOL) the fire is no longer there but we are friends , my husband and I have visited him and his family in Europe and Him and his family have visited us in the States.I would have to admit , he has a nice family as well. I think it worked good for the both of us.Hooray for that one!

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      6 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      I am pleased to see that you got what you deserved. The Frenchman was a fool.


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