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Updated on October 14, 2011

It's Not The Love We Put Into Another; It's What We Take "From" One Another (Our Spirits).



For all those whom are hurting, hold your head up high. No matter what you are going through, God is in the midst of it all fighting your battle. Just sit back and let him use you. If it's an relationship, fight for it and when I say fight, I mean remove the emotions, be quiet and listen for God. PRAY. Put GOD first in everything you do and watch yourselves succeed. It's not the love you put into each other, it's what you take out of one another. When you beat each other down with words and accusations you break one another's spirits. Women in your challenge to be heard, you are destroying your relationships, you are destroying the love "your" man has for you and making "your worth" less to him. Men when you don't treat your women as you treat yourselves, as God intended. You are breaking your own ribs. You are destroying you. You are destroying a woman that will give her life to save yours. It cannot get any deeper than that. A woman will die before she sees harm come to her family; especially her children and her man. A man or woman not willing to sacrifice their life, will lose it. Women if you got a good man, you better hold dear to the heart he has given you. YOU CANNOT KEEP A GOOD MAN NOR WOMAN DOWN, SO APPRCIATE THE LOVE "GOD" HAS GIVEN TO YOU BOTH.

If you've been so hurt by betrayal instead of building a wall, build fences. Keep your guard up; but do not live in the "intentional" wall meant to imprison you with the pain they left you with. GOD uses these experiences in your life to build not tear down. The person that betrayed you meant it for your harm; but it's for your good. Just wait and see and know God is in the midst of every hurt and difficulty you are going through. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! The one that loves you most will always be there. HE DIED FOR YOU! There is no greater love than this.



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