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The Reason Why Sometimes Anger is Good

Updated on June 19, 2019

I remember one day I was so pressed, but I was in the bus. At first I could tell it was ‘number 1’ and that I could control. As minutes passed I felt ‘number 2’ knocking, I could not believe it. We had around 25 minutes to arrive! Man, my body released a reasonable amount of adrenaline, I started sweating and I mean pouring. My heart started pounding, really hard. I just felt an overwhelming cloud of fear over me, I literally got scared and I must confess today that...


After five hours I felt the knock again, I say hours because one minute was like one year. The bus just slacked and started moving at snail pace. I couldn’t believe what was happening. As if that was not enough, my armpits started itching and you know that is a sign of fear. I looked around and realized no one cared, everyone was minding their own business. This happened in a short moment, in the bus, in the middle of nowhere. Don’t you think this was a set up? I sank into my seat, put off the songs that were playing in my IPod, and listened to the bully in my stomach.

Finally the bus arrived and as soon as I hopped off I ran to my house, opened the door and ran straight to the loo. I, with fear and respect, held the lock. To my surprise the door wouldn’t open.


Ah! Come on! At that time I started to boil, I became really furious. Things had not been on my favour recently and this door can’t be trying to do this to me. I tried harder, harder and harder. The lock broke. Let me clarify something here, this was the very first time it happened. Who, in his rightful mind, would lock the toilet? This was a set up. Nature just set me a trap. I pushed the door harder and finally is opened and I couldn’t negotiate with my pants. So yeah, done. After a series of non-conforming incidences.

What’s The Lesson?

Have you ever wondered what makes us different? Where our uniqueness comes from? I have realized why some people make it in life. When we face similar situations we tend to react differently, some give in while some stand up for what they believe is right to happen. I call it the REVOLT MECHANISM! Yep, with an exclamation mark. We are all born with it. It’s right there in me, in you and in us. Guess what, it’s even in animals! This “REVOLT MECHANISM!” is automatically triggered when we feel entrapped, when things don’t go our way, when we feel overpowered.

We just snap and things change. Think with me, that time your toilet door wouldn’t open and you desperately needed to do number 2 what did you do? Snap right? What happened? The door opened! Do you remember when you class teacher denied you break though it was break time? What did you do? Snap right? What happened? Through a struggle she let you go! What about your neighbour’s dog that you chased the other day? When he found no way out and you furiously attacked him, he snapped right? So that’s it folks lets go out there and snap! Yep, revolt against that stubborn challenge you faced lately, don’t let things not to work out the way you wished they would. There are many people who could be far in life if they would have never backed down.

This is no new topic but many still don’t, at least manually, trigger the revolt in themselves. When you are facing a tough situation in life, revolt. Awaken the dormant giant in you and make things happen. There are some heroes in this world that awoke the giants in them, people like Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela, Ernesto “Che” Guevara and many more even the unsung, underrated, ones we may never know of. We just can’t learn to live with problems in our lives, if you were told to learn to live with whatever problem, may it be sickness, financial or even sentimental, I suggest you fight till your last breath. I don’t know, you judge but what I have learned is that REVOLT OVERCOMES NATURE.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Desmond Goitsemang


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