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What To Do So that Your Partner Will Not Cheat

Updated on April 30, 2013

Tips on How to Rock Your Partners World and How to Avoid Being Cheated Upon

They say that it doesn’t matter if your relationship with your partner is perfect or not (of course there is no such thing as perfect), there will come a point in the life of a couple where the other partner will cheat. Reasons could be diverse from personal reasons to the most obscure ones. There is no use blaming yourself why your partner cheated in the first place, but you can do something beforehand to avoid being cheated upon.

Cheating is always a bad act, there are no justifications to it, but can we really do something about it? Can we avoid or stop our partner to cheat? Will our efforts be futile because some people will always do it anyway? Yes, we can do something about it. We can do certain things so that our partner will not stray.

To avoid blaming yourself on the matter, I am recommending some tips so that your partner will not cheat on you. If they still cheat, then, at least you can say to yourself that you have tried your best. Being in a relationship, is always a two way process, so even if after trying and they still cheat, you cant do anything anymore.

How can you make your partner loyal?

If however you feel that you should have done something to prevent it, but you didn’t do anything then it is really no use crying over a spilt milk. People always strive to be good, and if you are in a relationship, your objective should be to nurture the relationship for it to grow and to stand the test of time for it to last.

I have listed some things which are important for us to keep in mind so that your partner will not even think about cheating

You can rock their world by:

First of all, free to communicate with your partner. Communication is very important and crucial to all the things that are specified below:

Then you must be honest, loyal and loving to your partner

They will surely reciprocate your effort if you do these things. Being honest, means telling them the truth about your expectations, what hurts your feelings etc. telling them about what makes you happy is also important. Unwavering loyalty usually is needed to boost each other. Nothing is compared to the feeling that somebody is loyal to you. You feel that you are not alone and you can always count on them. Being loving to them is another point. You can show your love even with the slightest gestures. For example massaging them when they are tired, holding their hands when they don’t feel well, or just smiling at them sweetly will mostly melt a heart.

Trust your partner

If you don’t have trust on them the more they will cheat on you. Try to avoid checking where did they go, whom they are with etc. You might be amazed that once you trust them they will have the shame and guilt not to cheat on you.

Always look good not only for your partner but also for yourself

It boost self confidence. Your must do outfit?? YOUR SMILE.

Stop nagging

Always ask a question in a lighter and positive way like. “Sweetheart, you look tired, did you run errands?” is a nice way of asking a question instead of “You’re late again, where did you go?“.

Maintain sexual intimacy

Keep the fireworks in your sexual life by talking about it. Be open to options and communication is important. Sometimes even just simple gesture like touching and hugging your partner and holding hands with them is fine, but find time for lovemaking. Lovemaking is one way of communication too. This is differentiated form just mere sexual encounter. Talk about achieving the best possible way for sexual satisfaction. Physical needs of your partner is important. Talking about your sexual desires with you partner is advised.

Relationship should always be renewed and updated to avoid boredom

Encourage dating. Having time for each other is important. In the first year of a relationship, the couple is still excited because there is still a feeling of being the center of attention in each others lives, but when the children comes, they become the center of attention. Have a time to enjoy each others company.

Nurture each others wants or hobbies

This is tantamount to saying, let them have a life of their own separate from the family, or form the partner. This is to fulfill their hobbies or if they want to do some things on their own. It is a breather to avoid suffocation from familial duties etc. Maintain friends as they are important to avoid boredom. Talk to your partner what is acceptable time allotted to socialization like boys night out, or for women only activities.


Appreciate little things your partner do for you, like buying you your favorite drink, food, simple gestures which makes them endearing to you. Always smile happily to them and be happy when you see them like for example they arrive form work, greet them, most of all show them and tell them that you are happy being with them. A simple thank you can do wonders followed by a sweet kiss.

Always be ready to have a listening ear to your partner

Give attention to your partners thoughts and feelings. Always be ready to listen, you might not agree on what he/she is saying but just being there is very important. You can boost the morale or ego of your partner by praising them for little things they have achieve.

Support your partner all the way on his career, ambition and create a good environment so he/she can achieve it

It helps to know that there is somebody who assist, inspire or just support you achieving your goal in life, be at work, business or any endeavor they might want to begin.

Always available emotionally to your partner

Being available emotionally to your partner means you must be the one whom he/she can share secrets with. Talking and communication is very important aspect of emotional availability. Always be there for them when they need you. Sometimes you might want to become a sounding board.

You have to know your partners moods

Respect them when they want to have a quiet time. Respect your partners space.

Know your partners friends and show appreciation to her/his family

Do your duties as a man or a woman lovingly feeling not obligated to do it but it should come from your own volition.

Maintain a good household so that the both of you will be happy to go back home in the comfort of the abode.

And lastly, have faith and trust in your relationship, there is such thing as forever.

Follow your guts, once you suspect that your partner is cheating on you don’t ask them about it, observe but don’t be suspicious. There must be a reason why it is happening. You need to calm down and don’t accuse them immediately. The more they will hide their infidelity from you if you are suspicious. And then if you have proof already, talk to them about it. I know this is a very difficult time but trust me on this, you need to calm down really and avoid immediate actions.

Of course we are not perfect, but we can do all of these things to the best of our ability, We just keep on trying to do the best. Let us not give our partner a room to cheat on us. Once we follow the recommended tips, we will be amaze by the result of our efforts. In no matter of time, we can really rock our partners world and we can keep and have them forever.


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