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T.W. Jackson's "The Magic of Making Up" and LGBT Breakups - Personal Product Testimony

Updated on September 19, 2011

Disclaimer: No endorsement or compensation was given for reviewing this product.

Having been inconveniently heartbroken in the month of love, February of 2008, I searched the internet during my sleepless nights for answers to my sudden and unexpected singlehood. The world slept while the shredding anguish made me restless. I knew that there were other souls out there undergoing the same excruciating pain that is to be left by the one you love. That’s when I bumped into a systematic solution called “The Magic of Making Up” by T.W. Jackson, or T-Dub, as he’s more affectionally known, a former military man who saw many of his buddies through the heartaches of breaking up. Subsequently, he thought of a way to reverse such a loss in the form of an eBook that claims to have helped thousands nearly worldwide.

After having read the promising reviews by other successful users, I went ahead and sacrificed $39.00 to order it. After losing my girlfriend, what’s letting go of a little money to get her to come back, right? I also wasn’t sure if this would work for someone in the LGBT community. When it comes down to it, we have the same relationship problems as do our heterosexual counterparts in the emotions department.

So, once I ordered the eBook system in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (.pdf) a few things surprised me about the informational bundle. While it’s true T-Dub reveals the secret that makes his method magical and explains to you step-by-step how to execute it, I find that it was inundated with fill-ins to substantiate something that could’ve been revealed in one page and marketed for a lower price. Of course, that’s just my opinion and in no way am I saying that it’s not worth reading in its entirety. I was just desperate and wanted a quick get-her-back scheme without bothering with the rest of the contents.

The main thing he stresses in his guide is acceptance of the break-up using reversed psychology by behaving in a counter-intuitive manner. He has a sample letter of what to write down and send to the person that left the relationship. A letter is less intrusive than a text, email or posting on a social website and the recipient can read it when he or she’s ready to learn what you have to say. His advice is proprietary information and I don’t want to reveal it in detail.

Being a seasoned woman in the LGBT dating world, I already knew what not to do if we were ever to bump into one another in public. After all, the gay and lesbian community is very small even in a big city. Within weeks of the separation in the spring of 2008, I worked the nerve to get out of the house and socialize again. I went to a bar we both frequented as a couple before only to bump into her with her new lady companion. Of course, I was petrified inside, but still managed to pretend she wasn’t there. No one likes to exacerbate an already awkward situation by making a scene. I played it cool with my friends while she was clearly feeling uncomfortable as if her date was ruined. I don’t blame her for, perhaps, she had no idea what could happen. I hadn’t taken the breakup well at all before, so she probably thought it could’ve turned into a dramatic spectacle. That would’ve given her attention she didn’t deserve. Let’s face it: Women may say they hate drama, but it sometimes makes them feel important, or alive, when it happens.

So, after months since that night and with the ”The Magic of Making Up” already ordered, I wrote the letter and mailed it to my ex-girlfriend’s house in July of the same year. Along with the correspondence went my heart and hope that it’d work. Let me tell you, within a week and a half of it being dropped in a mailbox, I got a call from her on my cell while at work. I panicked and went into a state of shock, so my voicemail picked up a message from her. In it, she stated that she had received the letter, but didn’t have the courage to open and read it, but she did so hence the call. At the end of my shift, I returned her call even though waiting until the next day would’ve been wiser. When you long for the one you love reestablish you again after months of nothing, you can’t wait for the moment to talk once more.

We had only dated for 9 months, but it was significant enough, at the time, for me to try and salvage. We were again on speaking terms for about a month after the letter reunited us and we were casually involved for that long, too. I was sad that the makeup only lasted for such a short period of a time, but it taught me an abundance about myself, her and relationships altogether. She and I were just not meant to be, but it was a great experience applying the successful and proven tactics of Mr. T-Dub.


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