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Tales from a fairy tale wedding,The Kate Middleton wedding ensemble

Updated on July 13, 2011

All eyes were on the bride as she alighted from the carriage. It was April 29, 2011, the day of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The entire world stood by in front of television sets. People thronged to the location, Westminster Abbey as yet another fairytale wedding unfolded before them. Children and grown-ups were excited alike on this national holiday when a new love story was to bloom in the royal family. The couple has been followed around by the Paparazzi every minute and now with the many dignitaries and their loved ones present, they were ready to pledge their love for one another.

Sarah Burton for Alexander Mc Queen design

The whole world waited with bated breath to get a glimpse of the Kate Middleton Wedding dress. There had been speculation about what kind of a style the bride would choose. Would it be something traditional? Would she wear something modern? What would the jewelry be like? All questions were answered within minutes of the first sighting of the Kate Middleton Wedding Dress which was made by Sarah Burton for Alexander Mc Queen. The style was elegant, timeless and classic. Until the moment the bride emerged from the car with her father, the dress remained a closely guarded secret.

Style and needlework

The Kate Middleton wedding dress was a mix of contemporary style and Victorian designs. It had a traditional corset and is said to have been inspired by the wedding dress worn by Grace Kelly. The gown was in ivory white silk and had a mix of French Chantilly lace and English lace which is said to have been handmade by members of the Royal school of Needlework. The people who handled the lace and the material are said to have washed their hands every 3 hours to keep the white pure at all times. They were told that the needlework was being done for a dress that was to be part of a big movie. The lace appliqué has designs of flowers that represent the various British Isles. There were daffodils for Wales, shamrocks for Ireland, thistles for Scotland and last but not the least, roses for England. The needlework for the bodice and lace was a traditional style called the “Carrickmacross”.

Jewelry worn with the Kate Middleton Dress

The Kate Middleton dress was an absolute stunner and it was copied within hours by designers all over the world and will be inspiration for many a blushing bride in the future. Her hair do was simple and stylish, worn partly down and partly up and she wore a tiara which is the ‘Halo’ designed by Cartier. It was from the Queen and was loaned to her to wear for the occasion. The earrings worn by the bride were diamond drops gifted by her parents and had the Middleton’s coat of arms with acorns and oak leaves in pear diamonds. Her bouquet had myrtle flowers taken from a sprig planted by Queen Victoria in early 1845. The dress was absolutely stunning and definitely had people sighing at the beauty of the occasion. She looked elegant and classic in her attire and her accessories which spoke of a quiet strength and inner beauty of the future princess to be.


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