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Tastiest High Protein Diet For Intermittent Fasting Bachelors

Updated on June 2, 2017

French Toast For a Bachelor

The Single, Bachelor Diet Made Me Crazy Fit

Fella's, Bro's, single life is so awesome. It is a time to empty the fridge of all the meals you were forced to eat over the years and to take complete, obsessive control of your diet, enjoy each meal to the max, and cut your food bill, helping you put more money aside for that International vacation.

They say (Well... actually I once said to a client and he passed it on and then it came back to me somehow...) that you will never be fitter that six months after a divorce or break up.

When I was thrust into single life, I took action. There was not one single day that I sulked that life was unfair. NOT ONE. I looked in the mirror and asked, "What the hell had I become?"

I had grown a turkey neck! There were no signs of stomach muscle at all. Now I am not a big guy, but I can get fat. While I have always had solid arms, all of my fat tended to hit my waist.

I'm not saying i was huge. There are no feel sorry for me stories here. but I totally flipped my attractiveness around by getting obsessive about diet, intermittent fasting, saving money, while at the same time enjoying every meal. I love eating. But I no longer get fat. I seem just to get stronger!

I still love sweet food, but I removed the refined and raw sugar that came with it. I made a total switch and I am going to lay out the best bachelor diet for anyone wanting to cut fat, have great skin and be crazy fit to attract a new, amazing woman...or women... into your life.

We will discuss specifics of what to buy, what meals to eat, when to eat and when to fast.

You will be etaing food you love while teaching yourself discipline, which is one of the components to being a stronger, alpha male.

This plan has worked for me and I hope it works for you.

This plan should achieve several goals:

  • Strip Fat
  • Give you much more energy
  • Give you a much calmer, more motivated mood
  • Help you build muscle
  • Save $50 per week, equalling $2600 per year, which you put towards an International vacation

Drink This Every Morning

The Worst First Is a Drink That Tastes Great

I call this the Worst First?


Anything made of ocean algae probably won't taste that great. However, you need this drink. Buy it. A teaspoon a day will make your skin look awesome and will give you energy. You will just FEEL good.

It's name? Vegetable Greens.

What are the ingredients?

Take this once in the morning.

It doesn't stink. It doesn't taste bad. But for some reason I am compelled to block my nose as I drink it. I think this is only because there is a sting of aftertaste after I finish.

I cannot say enough about this product. Your body needs those vital ingredients that you don't eat in your meals every day.

Many of the ingredients in Ultimate Nutritions Vegetable Greens are known as 'anti ageing' ingredients.

We all age. It is how old you want to look as you age that is the question. This stuff helps with your insides and outsides, including a noticeable positive effect on your skin.

As a bachelor, you don't want to look cruddy and old, no matter what your age.

Let's look at the ingredients below:

Ultimate Nutrition

My Arms Are Growing

Eating Times and Fasting times

Mastering the art of intermittent fasting on tasty, high protein meals, does not require you to stick to exact days of when to fast, but only that if you do eat at one point, you must then fast at another.

For myself, this is how I have been intermittent fasting to strip fat and gain muscle:

  • 24 Hour Fast From Sunday 1pm Until Monday 1pm (Except for coffee and Vegetable Greens
  • Meal Replacement Drink Monday at 1 pm and then healthy lunch an hour or so later. No dinner.
  • Tuesday, eat breakfast, mid morning protein shake, lunch, then fast in the evening
  • Wednesday, eat Breakfast, lunch and high protein, low carb dinner
  • Thursday, breakfast, mid morning protein drink, lunch, fast in the evening
  • Friday, mid morning protein shake, lunch, early high protein dinner
  • Saturday lunch at around midday, mid afternoon high protein shake, fast in the evening
  • Sunday, solid high protein breakfast, mid morning protein shake, lunch at 1pm and then fast again.

I am not a body builder, but I am cut with a MUCH stronger build than before.

These eating windows change sometimes, depending on my business commitments, flight times or even whether I am on a dinner date. But whenever I give more to eating, I take from fasting at another time.

On the mornings I eat a high protein breakfast I will eat a larger meal than normal.

In the evenings when I eat a high protein meal, I mostly do it later at night so that I have a deep sleep, allowing more naturally occurring growth hormone to be released for muscle recovery.

I hope this keeps everything simple for you.

This takes some work, because from experience, for the first couple of months, it is pretty tough. You will crave food above sex. You will think about food when you drive, when you shower and when you work. Your stomach will growl and demand that you feed it. Many times you will stumble and fall. You will break your fast and eat. This is OK.

One great aspect about what I am giving you is that if you do break that fast and indulge, you will be training yourself to eat something tasty but high in protein or nutrients. But also, when you do break the fast, you will know that you must fast more later. Not as punishment, but because you wish to achieve your goals.

If you break your fast, you will want to have a banana or a nut bar, or both, nearby.

If you hit up a doughnut, still all ok, provided you are in a caloric deficit, meaning you are burning more energy than you are feeding your body. You can consider this a cheat meal which will be taken away elsewhere.

Also, as you will be exercising more at the gym, cheating with a doughnut is not so bad, provided you don't do it often. You will eventually annoy yourself and feel guilty about what you are doing. Besides, as your other meals will be so damn tasty, you will probably prefer the food we are going to eat in this plan.

Total cost of $60. Each Meal Planned

Shopping On a Budget To Save Money and Maximize Taste

One of the best ways to ensure you stick within an allocated food budget is to go to an ATM and draw a weekly amount out for supermarket food and for eating out.

I eat out for lunch most days by the way. Where I live there is an outlet that changes its specials every day and the maximum price is $9.50. So besides saving the electricity of the oven or stove, the preparation time and cleaning time, when I could be achieving my business or fitness goals, it might only be costing me an extra $1 in total to eat out for lunch than eat at home.

But for your home budget, your average bill total should only get to $60 per week. This includes when you need to buy shaving cream and other bathroom and kitchen products.

As a bachelor, I recommend soups. I love 'Pitango soups'. You may not have them in your area, but you will have an alternative product. To see what Pitango Soup is, click here.

I mix these soups with cooked egg whites. These are organic and fresh soups. they have a short shelf life because they are extremely low in preservatives.

By mixing egg whites, you will only have half of the soup, meaning you can stretch one full soup over two days thus stretching your food budget further.

You will see some images of how I keep my shopping costs low with how I plan my meals.

One great aspect about this is that lunch can be very different every day, but you will still stick with a fantastic home diet plan and scheduled eating times.

Bachelor Shopping

The Ultimate Protein Drink For Breaking Your 24 Hour Fast Or For Mid Morning Snack

What Do You Need?:

  • LSA Mix
  • Full Almonds
  • Flaxeed
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Goji Berries
  • Chocolate Protein Powder
  • No Fat Milk

Trust me on this one. This ends up tasting like the cake mix your mother used to make before she baked it and let you lick the spoon. This shake is so healthy and tastes so good. It is the perfect meal to break a fast.

Protein Pancakes - Ready Made!

Protein Pancake Ingredients

  • One whole egg
  • Egg Whites from a carton
  • Prepackaged Protein Pancake Powder
  • Small cup of Strawberries
  • MANUKA Honey

Protein Pancakes or French Toast for Breakfast

Breakfast is so tasty. If you are a person who has been eating out of habit or boredom, most likely you have lost your appreciation of food. I imagine this is how a rock star feels with cheap sex. But when you are more starved than usual, you appreciate each meal.

So when I know a meal is on its way, I look forward to it. I savor the taste. I appreciate each bite.

For breakfast I will either have:

  • Protein pancakes, with Manuka Honey and Strawberries
  • French Toast with Manuka Honey and strawberries, PLUS protein powder sprinkled

  • Fibre X (A brand of low carb high protein porridge with almonds, coconuts, protein powder and other ingredients) PLUS Pitango Vegetable Soup

With Protein Pancakes, you are better off buying it prepackaged and then adding an extra egg with yoke plus egg whites to it. I have included the Ingredients here, as well as a good brand to buy.

Stripping Fat from Intermittent Fasting

No More Sugar - Replace With Manuka Honey

You will have a sweet tooth. I love coffee for example. I used to put one or two sugars in it. But sugar can convert to fat. In fact in some circumstances, eating sugar is worse than eating fat.

What is Manuka Honey and what are its benefits to the body?:

According to Wikipedia "A 2002 review found that although the antibacterial activity of honeys (including mānuka honey) had been demonstrated in vitro, the number of clinical case studies was small. The review concluded that there was a potential for its use in "the management of a large number of wound types"

So this can be great for fighting off bacteria. Yes, there are natural sugars in there, but there are also many health benefits. So replace sugar with Manuka honey.

Getting Fitter

Fast at breakfast or Fast At Night - The Pros and Cons

Like I said, there are days I begin eating at lunch and have a healthy, late dinner, and other days I eat breakfast and skip dinner.

Eating late at night is actually fine. It is BS about your metablosim slowing down and not burning fat. The fact is, your muscles heal and grow stronger when you are in a deep sleep. Eating late at night will make you drowsy and have you in a very deep sleep in no time. So eating say, a soup and protein pancakes at night, in my opinion, is good for you (It works for me).

But what if you fast at night? There are downsides including:

  • A restless, light sleep
  • Insomnia
  • Growling stomach
  • Crowded thoughts (You won't be able to calm your mind. You will be thinking, problem solving, planning and just be busy in the brain)

But the benefits are:

  • Discipline
  • Burning fat after gym training, after work
  • Waking up seeing your abs

Having one or two nights where you eat, gives you a deep sleep and awesome dreams.

What To Eat For Lunch

Set your budget at around $10 per day. Realistically that is all you need. Most places have lunch time specials. But you don't want to eat food that will make you sluggish. If your blood type allows you to eat a steak, ok, fine, but it does spread your body with Free Radicals which can assist in your ageing prematurely (Science is still out on this one). If I eat a steak, within an hour I am ready fro a full nights sleep. My eyes have that 'just woke up' bloodshot appearance and I can't stop yawning.

To counteract this though, i highly recommend a high antioxidant WHITE Tea (Stronger than green tea). Not only is it high in antioxidants, but white tea makes you more alert.

A good lunch can include:

  • Small pizza
  • Chicken burger (no chips on the side)
  • Salad and soup
  • Thai, Mexican meal

It is really up to you. What is important is how much you eat. Don't get too full. Eat just enough than you are not hungry.

The Bachelor Food Cupboard

Supplements and Your Snacks

In your cupboard, stock up on mixed nuts, including honey roasted macadamia nuts. These are extremely tasty and a great snack. Have tasty protein shake if you need to.

Look for a great supplement to assist with your muscle growth and a deep sleep.

I recommend either

  • GH Blast
  • ShredTime

(Do your research)

Also, in your fridge, have pure orange juice and some kind of greens drink and bananas.

There are also Spirulina Oat Sachets which taste great and a tasty snack. Mix them with hot water. I have included a link below.

Remember, maximum taste, minimum effort, highest in healthy ingredients.

You should save around $50-$60 per week on your food bill.

At the end of the year, you should have an extra $2500 for a great international holiday to a cheap Asian country such as Thailand.

Leave me your comments and let me know your thoughts!

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