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20 Things Not to Say to Dad When it's Time to Mow The Lawn

Updated on May 21, 2014

(Notice photo below the one below) you are seeing history in a snapshot. A teenage boy actually outside in the hot sun cutting the grass. And to top it off, he is not grimacing or saying vulgarities underneath is breath.

What you do not see in this photo are the millions of little wheels inside his head just-a twirling away, devising new and unheard of ways to get out of this drudgery.

And he and his type, knifing and lazy, guys did succeed from this time, the 50's way into the early 1990's. What a run, huh?

But their cleverly-designed excuses like: "Sorry, dad. I have this term-paper I have to finish over the weekend," started flopping like a beached sailfish because dad's, (while the slacking teenage boys were growing wiser), were evolving into a wiser parental figure. And the once-useful lies used by these lazy guys no longer worked--and "junior," was made to help mow the grass.

In the 50's, lawn-mowing was a family affair


History frozen in a snapshot


Just take a look

at this robust teenage guy helping his pop mow the grass when he could be like his friends hanging at the soda shop looking at movie magazines, or just "shooting the breeze," like teen guys and most guys are prone to do.

But like I mentioned, the wheels in his young head are working overtime to create a believable lie to tell dad the next time he asks for is help with mowing the grass.

And while I am at it, just where is pop? He is not in this photo. Oh well. I can only assume that he is spending some "quality time," with his wife, who by the way, is an identical-twin to Donna Reed.

Kirk Cameron, famous television and film star "gets into the act" of cutting the grass



  • Robert Downey, Jr.
  • Jon Provost - "Timmy Martin," of the Lassie series
  • Jay Leno
  • Phil Shaeffer - band leader on Tonight Show with David Letterman
  • Steve Martin
  • John McEnrow - men's tennis legend
  • Bret Favre
  • Jerry Rice, legendary NFL receiver

So, teen guys . . .you are in great company.

Before I give you teen guys

My "Things Not to Say to Dad When it's Time to Mow The Lawn," I want to share with you a few of the things dad's used to tell their son's why it is important for them to mow the grass.

  • Son, it's good for you
  • It will help you create a good work ethic
  • You will learn responsibility
  • You can learn to manage your money
  • Mowing grass is great cardio-vascular exercise
  • You are not other guys--I said get out of bed here at 12 noon and mow the lawn
  • All American guys cut grass

Even 20-something's couples agree that, "There is just something magical about mowing grass."

Teen buys everywhere are re-learning how to mow grass


And now . . .what you have been waiting on

" 20 Things Not to Tell Dad When it's Time to Mow The Lawn"

  1. Dad, I am struggling this morning with some homosexual feelings.
  2. I am depressed, dad, because I need help passing Physical Ed.
  3. Has mom not has sex with you or something?
  4. Hey, pop, chill-out. There's always next Saturday.
  5. Dad, I have to catch some zzzz's. I was up all night talking my buddy, "Al," through a crisis.
  6. I think I will to and talk with Pastor Ned about a spiritual problem I have.
  7. Dad, look. I stepped into some grasshoppers in the grass and I think one bit me.
  8. Dad, give me fifteen-minutes, and I will be right there.
  9. I am expecting a call from my girlfriend.
  10. My girlfriend said to call her when I wake-up.
  11. Can I eat breakfast first?
  12. I do not feel so hot today, dad.
  13. Dad, will you rush me to the emergency room? I feel faint.
  14. Dad, mom said last week for you to take me to the men's clothing store downtown and let me pick-out some good-looking sneakers.
  15. Don't you have bills to pay or something?
  16. Dad, I will help you pay for someone to cut the grass for you.
  17. Is it not my sister's turn today? A seven-year-old can be taught to run a mower.
  18. I need to take "Patch," to the vet for his yearly-shots.
  19. Is that the phone ringing?
  20. I do not remember you as being my dad?

A Sure-Fire way to get your teen son to mow the grass


Now, if you all will excuse me

I need to go and check my own lawn to see if it needs a good mowing.

"Thanks to my Cherished-Followers, and non-followers, for reading this helpful hub."


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Thank YOU, Dear teaches12345,

      I appreciate your insight to what many view as a meager chore. When I was a teen, my dad and I kept-up 10 residential lawns in our hometown and how I dreaded Friday evening. No lounging around, but cutting grass that evening and until it was dark.

      I learned from this "chore" how to save money.

      Thanks for the gentle-reminder.

      Come back soon.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I used to help mow when I was a teen. My favorite excuse was "It's too hot outside!" That never went well with my dad or mom. It is always a good feeling to know the grass is mowed and looks fresh. Loved your view and inserted humor.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, suzzycue,

      21 acres!? Wow-eeee. That is cutting grass. I am highly-impressed. And I not only thank you for this sweet comment, but you have my admiration for such a huge task as mowing this much grass.

    • suzzycue profile image

      Susan Britton 3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I love to mow the grass. there is something magical about it. I use to mow 21 acres every two weeks. We owned a 21 acre Trailer park on the shore of Lake Huron and I was the only maintenance crew. LOL. I loved it. Best job I ever had.