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Ten Ways That Make You A Perfect Spouse

Updated on February 10, 2016

When it comes to husband and wife relationship there always remain many inconclusive wishes. On husband’s part, it is why not my decision, always? And on wife’s part, it is the same thought coupled with a feeling of an all time appreciation. The musings of make and break nature do occur between the two. It can aptly be put it across in a humorous way. Husband says my wife and I have a love hate relationship. I love to beat her but she hates the beating.
Amidst all these funniest and naughtiest moments, to be honest, there exists a pious bonding between husband and wife. Their vibrant relationship ensures a healthy family and of course promising children like what we are today. Let us keep our heads up to get enlightened with the ways that strengthens the bonding.

(1) Love

Husband and wife relationship is the only one in the world that can be formed and dissolved; the rests are blood and familial bonding that remain intact no matter what. Love plays a pivotal role and acts as a cohesive force for strengthening the relationship. Love doesn’t mean a space and time restrictions to be specific to bed during night or particular time of a day. Perhaps it defines the moments of a sense of respect, an intense madness that gets reflected through caring and sharing attitudes. Introspect yourself; strengthen your relationship with love as its tenacious base.

(2) Togetherness

An increasing sense of love cultivates a sense of belongingness and togetherness. The couple never feels lonely no matter when in home alone or engulf with problems. A wife feels that she has a shoulder to cry on and a husband feels a selfless companionship. Let the feelings of togetherness be like apparel to you. A husband is apparel for his wife and so is she to him, neat and clean adorn with glittering colors and fragrance. The finest form of apparel's fabric comprises of threads of mutual love and trust.

(3) Affectionate Calling

Usage of sweet and affectionate words to address the spouse has there own sweetness. Love oozes out of the heart with words like honey, sweetheart, darling, angel, hubby and what not. We often give different variations to the actual name to suit to our emotions. Though not really sure of the taste of the spelled words but we do find a kind of sweetness in addressing. Let there be loads of words for affectionate calling, pronounced both in cheerful and serious moods.

(4) Mercy

Mercy is not an act of a show off kind of attitude to flash it when one is in need. In fact the act of compassion is a catalyst that minimizes a rift or binds the moods. When in anger its the mercy that cools down. When in pensive mood it provides with the required ease. Let mercy be your personal. Be a merciful one, be a solution.

(5) Ambitions & Dreams

Along with a made for each other relationship with a spouse we have similar relations with our goals and ambitions too, accomplishment of which demands day and night struggle. There may be n number of ways of accomplishment, but the way that demands a gentle approach is the one that comes exclusive from the spouse. That is, a helping hand, a better wish and a thought "yes it is mine" . With this perception of ambitions and dreams, a husband and wife can be a source of inspiration and motivation for each other.

(6) Chastity

Most of the time, it is the disloyalty of the partner that plays a role in worsening the relationship. The expectation of a husband for his wife about her chastity speaks of his intense love for her and an equal intensive care that he has for her dignity. Possessiveness as a result of a concern is desirable. But there should be an element of mutual trust between the spouses without which, only an angel can be a cause of solace.

(7) Obedience

Obedience doesn’t mean that one is a slave and the other is a king. Each one has its own dignity and freedom. By obedience here we mean the outcome of love and togetherness that get illuminated with an equally luminous attitude of caring, sharing and helping. What if I wash my wife’s clothes or lend a helping hand in her cooking? And what’s harm in wife’s doing her husband’s work? The crux of the attitudes should be an addition in mutual respect and love; else the term obedience of husband or wife is generally perceived as an act below a desirable standard.

(8) Children

God bestows children as a gift of mutual love and trust that exist between husband and wife. Children are its true personification. If any one wishes to see the mercy of God and certification of sanctity of the relationship; for sure, children would be befitting illustrations. Look at them they prove to be comfort of eyes and solace to the heart. This perception doesn’t allow any distinction between a baby boy and a baby girl. If one is fruit then the other is another form of a sweet. In both the cases it is deemed as the couple has been bestowed with blessings. This sense itself is so beneficial that it add ages to the relationship.

(9) Wishful Look

Just look at the way your spouse sleep, work, walk, think, talk, eat and does all sorts of activities. Staring at spouse with wishful eyes add vigor and vitality to a heart filled with mutual trust and love. The articulation of a wishful look gets reflected when you lovingly put a morsel in your husband's or wife’s mouth, when you smile at his or her face, when you deem, even a glimpse, as an order to do something needed.

(10) Common Goals

There is more to add to the wish list of the spouse. Let it contain some common goals too, like sharing of personal experiences and observations, bringing up of children, reading, budgeting and savings and, of course, something for the betterment of the spouses whose relationships have been marred with bitterness and mistrust. The idea of realization of the goals followed by an action plan will surely enable husband and wife to be cooperative and know their bonding even better.

The precious possession

Over the period of time, it seems, the attachment towards a spouse appear to be losing its charm, may be because of years of camaraderie the impressions of a prize possession get diluted. Let us remind to our souls that nothing is precious than the one who is our spouse. Someone rightly said:

"I looked into my wallet and it was empty, I looked through all my pockets and they were all empty. Then I looked into my heart and I found you, and only then I figured out how rich I was"


© Muhammad Abdullah Javed – Feb 2016


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    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      2 years ago

      May God bless both of you. Thanks for the visit peachpurple.

    • peachpurple profile image


      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      My hubby never helps out at home, he said his duty us to bring home money and feed our kids, the rest are my jobs

    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      2 years ago

      Thanks aviannovice, I appreciate your words.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      These are all such beautiful thoughts, and you expressed them all so well and candidly.

    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      2 years ago

      Good to hear about the companionship with your husband, may God bless you with more love and happiness and add ages to the relationship. Thanks Dana, for the visit and wonderful insight.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      2 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      The beauty of real love is that it matures over time. I have been with the same person for twenty years. We have had our ups and downs, good and bad but we've learned that love needs to be nurtured and respected. Useful hub.

    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      2 years ago

      Thanks MsDora for your kind words and visit, I appreciate. Take care.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Beautiful thoughts! You present a balanced view of how these virtues in each other contribute to the happiness of the marriage. Good counsel.

    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      2 years ago

      Thanks Dr Pran for the nice words. Yes we need to remind each other of these important values. We are fortunate that God has provided us with HubPages to share our knowledge and experience. I appreciate your words Sir. Take care.

    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 

      2 years ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      A nice hub. It enlists all the ingredients that can make a marriage successful and happy.

      What an irony this is that we mostly forget these tips and need to be reminded often.

      Thanks for sharing a nice hub.

    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      2 years ago

      Thanks Ruby for your visit and lovely comments. Take care.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Truer words were never spoken. It takes two working together for happiness. Lovely write...

    • m abdullah javed profile imageAUTHOR

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      2 years ago

      Thanks Bill Sir, I really appreciate your kind words and visit. Take care.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      A wonderful litany of ways to show love, and you began with love, which is the most all things with love....that is a credo that can lead to great happiness and satisfaction. Thank you for the reminder, sir!


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