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Ten Worst Types Of People

Updated on February 4, 2018

Planet Earth has millions of people living on it,dozens of different personalities and hundreds of different kinds of attitudes. However there are a few types of people some might say should have stayed hidden, here are ten of the worst types of people!

#10, Users: Users are exactly what the name implies, people who will use others for their own wants and gains. Users are a parasite of sorts, they will often come into ones life and act as a friend but secretly be planning to use you for something else. Users will lie, pretend to care and overall act friendly. A good idea of a User is when someone constantly needs you to drive them somewhere but they never help with gas, will often ignore you when in need and will try and take control.

#9, God's Gift To Man: The GGTM for short is a person who believes they are of higher quality then everyone, a king among king and someone who thinks they deserve to be surrounded with love and gifts. The GGTM can most often be a woman but also can be a male, they believe they are entitled to whatever they want and that people should bow hand and foot for them. They will often act superior and look down upon others as if they were lowly scum, these people will often want money and other things from people and will act as if everyone should be glad to even be born on the same planet as them. There is such thing as an ego but this GGTM is a whole other class in of itself.

#8, The Christian: This spot can either be connected to the type of person or a christian person, hard to explain.The Christian is a person who believes that anyone who doesn't conform to their ideals and beliefs are deserving of a internal damnation, once again this can go both ways. They believe that no matter what they do it is alright even if someone else is being damned for doing the same thing, a hypocrite in a way. They are often self righteous and believe that no matter what they do it will be forgiven, these people will often curse you for doing things they perceive to be evil.

#7, The Know-it-all: Think you're a mastermind of games, movies, music or any other category that can be discussed? Well you're wrong. There are two types of Know-it-all, the first one is actually knowing alot of stuff and the second is the one who thinks they do but don't. My nephew and me had an argument, we both believed that the M8A1 a burst gun from a video game was different. He said three round burst and I said four, I even looked it up and told him I was right but then he played it off and tried to act as if he was still right. The Know-it-all is someone who believes they have a higher intellect and that everything they say is absolutely correct. They will often try to outsmart people but if proven wrong will still act as if they are right.

#6, The F-Boi: The Boi is a character who is described as acting like something they don't know about, often they will do whatever it takes to get into a woman's pants in any way possible. Either by lying or straight up playing a card. They act all big and bad but are more then likely weaker then a feather, they act cool but often come off as stupid and idiotic. The flat bill cap, weed sign and saying "Bro" or "My Ni**a" are big signs of a potential F-Boi. Seriously just look it up and you will understand what I mean. Sex, drugs, posing and liquor is what these dudes are all about.

#5, Bad B: Once upon a time being a Bad B really meant something, they were some hardcore ladies who didn't take no smack and were some of the coolest ladies out there. Now every chick thinks they are a Bad girl. The BB is a woman who believes she is a warrior, someone who takes no crud and will dish out the punishment if necessary. Often however they more appear to be rude, distasteful and quite egocentric. A woman can be strong, self sufficient and wise but still have a kind and gentle demeanor. Cursing out a guy for saying hi or shouting about how you're such a bad girl but then cries when getting into a fight is just plain bad. Being a strong and proud girl is one thing but having a bad attitude with everyone is just dumb.

#4, The Freeloader: Getting a job can be hard, sometimes it seems like it is near impossible to find one, like everyone is just denying your application. Then there is the freeloader. A freeloader is someone who will stay at your place of residence or property, use your food and utilities but won't help with anything. No cleaning dishes or fixing the yard, not even attempting to get a job. The freeloader wants to use you for a free life, they believe they can just stay and relax while you go out and do all the hard work. No thank you sir, get a job.

#3, The Sympathy Leech: Ever had someone that would cry about something and ask for help only to go out and keep on doing the same thing? That is a Sympathy Leech. The SL wants your attention and sympathy, they play like their entire life and world is terrible yet more often then not they will be the cause of it. I used to have a friend who would cheat on whoever he was dating with multiple other people then he would cry and complain that people hated him, he did this many times. They will try and get you to feel sorry for them, they want you to waste time on them trying to help fix a problem that they don't even want to be fixed.

#2, The Challenger: A good challenge in life is good, a little bit of sportsmanship among others can be a great thing. Making literally anything into a challenge is plain ridiculous. The Challenger is the type of person who will challenge you in nearly anything, if they win they won't ever shut up about it but if they lose they will always have some excuse as to why they lost. "My shoes were untied" or "I wasn't ready" are some common phrases said by the Challenger, these dudes will literally try to win at everything even though they might just be utterly terrible at alot of it.

#1, The Glory Day: As the years pass things change, sometimes large changes will occur others it could be something as simple as someone moving. The Glory Day is a person who believes that the people in their time or the time they lived in itself was so much better then it is now. "Back in my day men were men, not whatever these F-Boi's are" these kinda statements are most likely what they would say. The Glory Day always has to put their word into every conversation, "You think that soda is good back in my day we had this or that." They will always try and make it seem like their days were the greatest even though every generation has its pros and cons.


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    • GARH608 profile image

      Pathways thru life 

      11 months ago from Mid West

      Certainly realistic this day and age. Disappointing really.


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