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Ten effective tips to make your marriage happy and meaningful

Updated on November 14, 2011

Small intricate touches adds flavor to your marriage. When you take pains to succeed in your career, it is sad that you take your marriage life for granted. Lov

Your marriage runs into rough weather only when you forget to nurture your relationship with your spouse. When you take your spouse for granted, you will find everything turning sour and soon your marriage becomes a mediocre co -existence between the two of you. Never let your marriage lose its newness and freshness and you will find it easier if you follow certain easy ways to make your marriage the heaven it was when you were newly married.

1. Compatibility with your spouse is the essence of your marriage. When you are compatible, you find it easy to live in harmony. Easier said than done, isn’t it. With the hectic lifestyle of this generation, couples are highly tensed with stress and get easily edgy and piqued. You should take efforts to bring compatibility into your life if you want happiness.

2. Take off the magnifying glasses which you use to find fault with your spouse. You should love each other for what you both are and not for what you want each other to be. If you start finding fault with your spouse, it is going to form a vicious circle with both ignoring the good and making a big deal of the needling minus of your spouse.

3. Give attention and care to the feeling of your spouse. If you tend to ignore the inner core of feeling of your spouse, there is going to be resentment and regret in your married life. If on the other hand, you show your care and attention for the feeling of your spouse you will be firmly cementing the foundation of your marriage with love and more love.

4. Sharing of household chores together takes the tension off your spouse. In this aspect, husbands take it for granted that it is his wife’s prerogative to look after the home. This might have been applicable during the last generation when women stayed back to look after her husband and children. Now women are equal with their husband in going to work to shoulder the financial burden of the family. So it is only natural that husband also willingly share the household chores to ease the tiredness of his poor wife.

5. Appreciation is something that everyone expects as it is like an energy booster which gives your spouse pep that he \she is noticed. Are you a husband who eat the dish prepared by your wife without uttering a word? How the poor girl must be feeling, to have spent so much of time to cook her husband’s favorite dish only to have it eaten mechanically. If only you appreciate her, you will definitely have many more of your favorite dishes.

6. Do not make your fight extend beyond its limits by rekindling the old fights and using harsh words which hurt and make your resentment go deep. If it is the wife who is in her elements, husband should soft pedal the fight so that it does not gather momentum. If it is the turn of the husband to hold the fort, wife should wave the white flag. If both are adamant in anger, it will gradually erode the happiness of your marriage.

7. Springing surprises refreshes your marriage. Life is always mundane with your work and duties. Liven it up occasionally by springing surprise on your spouse. It can be anything, a dinner prepared by the husband, a shirt presented by the wife, or a happy outing together. It can be anything; it is the happy surprise that matters.

8. You should say ‘sorry’ when an argument with your spouse ends. The hurt of your spouse will never go away unless there is an apology. Make it a point to apologize when you are in the wrong .It takes the sting away from the heart and your spouse feels lightened by the true apology rendered. There should be no ego in asking for apology.

9. Extra marital flings are a big taboo in a married life. These affairs are mostly physical and when that urge is sated, it loses its charm, but the harm is done. It shakes the very foundation of your marriage and it invariably ends in a divorce court. If your love for your spouse is strong and solid, no one can intrude your marriage.

10. Telling your love and showing your love in a demonstrative way keeps your marriage new. When in your courtship days you kept on saying ‘I love you’, what makes you diffident in saying those magic words after your marriage? Say those often and feel the warmth of love emanating from your spouse.

Small intricate touches adds flavor to your marriage. When you take pains to succeed in your career, it is sad that you take your marriage life for granted. Love your spouse and show your love, cherish your marriage and enjoy a fruitful married life.


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    • rambansal profile image

      Ram Bansal 6 years ago from India

      provided both the partners aspire the same to happen.. Thanks, for the tips for those in their marital bonds. I have moved off too far..