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How to be a romantic husband? Easy and effective way!

Updated on October 9, 2013

Instant delight!

“Keep the fire lit in your marriage and your life will be filled with warmth.” -Fawn Weaver

What does a wife expect from her husband?

  • She wants love.
  • She wants emotional and financial security.
  • She wants to be shown respect.
  • She wants her husband to be romantic.

What does romance mean in marriage?

It elevates your marriage from the routine to the level of supreme happiness. Your wife can never have enough of your romantic overtures and she wants more and more display of passionate love from you. Being a romantic husband always delivers the goods as you make your wife feel wanted and loved. What more does a wife want than a demonstrative display of love from her husband!

No guessing games

But is she able to enjoy such passion from you? It is indeed sad that you lock your feelings inside your heart and you keep your wife guessing your love- ‘he loves me- he loves me not’. Very sad, isn’t it? Your outlook towards married life is very practical and you feel that your wife should not expect you to show your love in an open way. ‘She should understand that I love her. I cannot keep showing my love day in and day out. It will be filmy if I display my love in a demonstrative way.’

Tight lipped practicality!

Are you correct in your attitude towards your wife? You are very wrong in feeling so! When in love you made your wife sense your feelings in an emphatic way. ‘I love you’ were words which you repeated time and again. You never tired of saying it and your wife never tired of hearing it. But after marriage you are tight lipped in showing your love and your wife is disappointed that the love you both enjoyed had diminished. Love when not displayed can be assumed by your wife as not having it.

Is being romantic that difficult? It is one of the easiest way of showing your love and very effective in making your marriage happy and fulfilled.

1. Show your care.

  • Is your wife looking tired and famished? Do not overlook her tiredness as routine and ignore it. Make her a hot cup of tea and watch her glow under the impact of the loving care you showed. She will feel elated to see her husband noticing her tiredness and now you can see how a small understanding gesture on your part has big results.

2. Voluntary help in household chores delights

  • Help her in household chores and it is another romantic way to show your love. Do not do your work in a routine way. Tease her in between the work, laugh with her and smile at her warmly. She will adore your proximity and enjoy even the most mundane daily chores.

3. Never forget important dates

  • Is it her birthday? Never forget it and make her feel deprived. Make it a special day for her. Buy her some gifts and it need not be a costly one. It is your remembering her birthday that is going make your wife happy and cared for. Present it to her with love reflected in your eyes and with a warm hug and the resultant love she feels shows that you are indeed a loving and romantic husband.

4. Long walks

  • Take long walks together and it is something she will cherish. Compatible silence can talk when you are together. A occasional smile from the depth of your heart and holding her hands make her feel immense happiness. You can talk about anything in a fun loving way and watch the joy in her face.

5. Just the two of you!

Take her out occasionally sans your children so that you both can have the most romantic outing – just the two of you. Indulge and pamper her. Does she want ice cream? Buy it. Does she want the innocuous accessories women want, pamper her. Does she walk very closely to you? Put your arms around her. Does she like it? Of course, she will adore it.

6. My stomach is satisfied!

Has she prepared your favorite dish? Do not have it without saying a word. She will feel unhappy and neglected. When you praise her culinary talents she feels good that you have appreciated her caring way to satisfy your rumbling stomach.

7. You are beautiful!

What do you do when your wife looks ravishing? Do you overlook it? If so, you are an unromantic husband. But when you praise her looks it shows that you notice her. Woman always want to be noticed by her husband.

8. Listen to her!

Always look into her eyes and smile. Listen to her when she wants to talk with you. When you listen, you show your care and it is a nice feeling to know that your husband cares for you and is always there to shoulder your burden.

9. Small physical gestures helps!

When watching TV put your arms around her in an affectionate way, as a woman loves these sorts of small but effective physical gestures than the sexual intimacy you as a man crave for.

10. Queen of your heart!

Including her in conversation when your parents or friends visit you is the best way to show her that she is the queen of your heart. Praise her multi- tasking efficiency and you will literally feel the warmth of her love when she looks at you. Never criticize her when you are among your relatives or friends.

‘The word 'romance,' according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime.’- Billy Graham

These are just a few tips for you to be a romantic husband and the list is endless. You find it easy to flirt with your female colleagues and you want to show yourself as a very presentable and lovable person before them. But you forget that your wife longs for some show of care from you. Keep your marriage fresh and new by showing your love in an emphatic and romantic manner for your wife to sense and feel it instantly.

© 2013 mathira


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