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Tenderness and Grace

Updated on March 2, 2013

You are to me...

Tenderness and Grace

Reach into my heart and touch my very soul

Kiss me tenderly with stories yet untold

Take me in your arms and hold me close

Knowing that it’s you that I love most

Your lips are the Siren’s song that guides me

Like a dolphin swimming in the sea

Come dance with me and hold me near

Fear the warmth of my heart, my darling dear

Whisper into my heart and know you are the one

You are the brightest moon and my sparkling sun

You make me feel such passion in my heart

You are my true love from the very start

Your eyes beckon me and dare me to dream

You are my world, my love and my everything

There’s something about you that drives me wild

I would give anything to have your every child

I want to spend my life with you and hold you near

Kiss you tenderly and forever love you, dear

No one else could every take your place

So, let me love you with tenderness and grace.


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