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Texting or Contacting a Girl: How Hard is it?

Updated on October 19, 2015

It is always a nice surprise to hear from a guy you like. For guys sometimes they could go days and weeks without texting. Sometimes they are shy if nothing is happening yet and other times they are not interested or they are thinking of breaking up with a girl.

Girls love it when they hear that a guy contacts them because it means that they are thinking of them. It is a great bond to have someone to talk to everyday. To have someone check in to see how your day is going or went. When you have someone who never contacts you at all it makes you feel that you do not matter to the guy.

Why should a guy only call a girl when the girl tells him to? How hard is it for him to do it on his own? How hard it is to pick up his phone and text her?

Things happen but when people make excuse after excuse that is when you have a problem. You should not have to take someone who is always making an excuse when it comes time to calling you and seeing how your day is going. When someone cares about you they will make time to speak to you. They won't wait over a week and never get back to you.

There are many ways to communicate with someone you care about. Just do not go weeks without speaking if you really care about that person. If you do that person will feel underappreciated.

When you have someone you like in your life why wouldn't you want to talk to them? If they make you smile when you are together and you are always laughing why is it so hard for you to contact them and check in with them to see how they are doing? Why do you always have to wait to the next time you see them in person to see how they are?

When people stop talking that is usually when things go downhill. They stop caring about what goes on in the other person's life.

When you have someone you like you want to speak to them. You want to tell them about your day and you want to hear all about yours.

If there is someone in your life that you really like give them a text. Ask them how they are doing and make them feel special. It's really not hard to contact someone to see how they are doing.


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