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That one friend you can't stand, But can't live without

Updated on July 31, 2014


Yes we all have them but the Best & worst ones stand out the most and only the few will survive. Friends are supposed to be there when you are at your worst, they are there when you need them and should be there even when you don't ask them to be. Most of all they need you also.

The best friend

As a child you grow up, make friends in the most common places like parks and dance class. School even. but the best ones you meet in odd places. I met mine crossing the street asking for a light for her cigarette . We went to the same school but only met her that fine day, ever since then we were inseparable. Could never be mad at each other and we knew what one was thinking without saying a word.

  • Always is there for you
  • Txt you everyday to see what your doing or simply lets go out
  • Helps you when you had a hard time in life
  • Makes you laugh about all of your ex's
  • Never leaves you alone
  • Tells you you have a fat pimple on your face get rid of it now
  • They know when somethings bothering you, and confront you about it
  • Make you happy when skies are grey

and yes friends are there to be bored and do random acts of silliness too =)
and yes friends are there to be bored and do random acts of silliness too =) | Source

That one friend you can't stand, but love

There's always that one best friend that will have your back no matter what the odds, the adventurous one that you always tend to get into trouble with, the one your parents warn you about. We all have one of those… you bring them to a party and picks a fight, or just that other are jealous of? we can't blame them their our friends. But the also do things to you that makes you think twice for example:

  • Copy your Style (and say "i wore it first")
  • Always beating you to it (your telling a story and they finish it for you)
  • Has the same crush you do (well of course you do)
  • Blames you ("hey mom sorry they made me do it)
  • Plays dumb ("well i didn't think you needed me to be there for you during your breakup)
  • Turns the table ("i did it because you did it to me first") ughhh irritating

What Do you Do When Your the Third Wheel?

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The Friend Thats in a Relationship

Ohh yes i did! Once your best friend is in a committed relationship they will possibly leave you hanging. Not all the time but yes most of the time. When you meet their other half you simply find many things wrong with them, and not afraid to share it, then they get mad at you cause they don't see them in that way another form of "denial" haha.

YOU can only stand them together for a month maybe even less. Especially when your the third wheel. things don't get any worst.

But yes you see them happy and you kinda just left doing your own thing now...

Then the breakups come… Thats when we come in, simply to just say how much they were a jerk to you and "you deserve better"

ON the other hand you have the friend thats in a long term relationship, yep then you only see them once and a great while.

I like to call it "Jealousy" … Well it is?! Right?

Yes your age is a matter of feelings and not years but we do tend to get jealous often even though we don't want to admit it
Yes your age is a matter of feelings and not years but we do tend to get jealous often even though we don't want to admit it | Source

Our Pride

If we are not "jealous" then what do we call it?

  • Skeptical
  • Envious
  • Intolerant
  • Possessive
  • Vigilant
  • Zealous
  • Rival
  • Watchful

If those word make us feel any better lol

The Best of All

We need to appreciate our friends and the company we meet day to day, or else we wouldn't have anything or anyone to talk about or copy hehe. Our friends are an important factor in our lives and we should be grateful for what god puts in front of us.

We Should always be there

© 2014 briana g


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