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5 Hotest Places to Kiss a Woman

Updated on December 1, 2009

A kiss is an incomparable gesture. It can brand a man a stiff, a hopeless romantic or a passionate lover. When done well, at right time and it’s placed in the right place, a woman will remember a kiss for ever.

Here are five places that will make a kiss unforgettable.

1. The crease of her wrist is one of the most romantic places on her body you can kiss. Kiss it lightly as you gaze into her eyes and caress the palm of her hand with your face. She will think you are a hopeless romantic.

2. The Hollow above her heel. If you’re laying head to toe, it is tremendously sexy to give her a few kisses on the hallow above her heel. It’s even sexier to lick her there. Keep it light and sensual not vulgar or X rated. It’s an erogenous zone and few men think of kissing her there. The pleasure will be new and exciting, and she will remember you for it.

3. The Underside of her breast. Most men run for the nipple like a starving man for food. Kissing the underside of her breast is not only sexy, it’s where experienced men show their experience. Kiss the underside of her breast before you kiss the nipple, the longer you do it before you kiss the nipple the more experienced and considerate lover she’ll consider you.

4.  The Small of Her Back.  If she’s lying on her stomach, the small of her back is a very intimate place to kiss a woman, she will rarely expect it and is always pleasantly surprised when it happens.  Lift her shirt playfully and make her day.

5.  The crease where her rear end begins to separate into the cheeks is one of the most exquisite places to kiss a woman.  If you kiss a woman there, you are virtually assured to be the first one to do so.  If you venture to try it, give her a long, wet passionate kiss.  Make her feel your breath and how much you desire her.  Hold her hips and bring her backside up to your face.  She will never forget the way you kiss her there.


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    • profile image

      Christopher Edward I. Melancholy 4 years ago

      What the damn heck? You use this as your guide. And why do you follow the steps. I hppe the person who wrote this feels how women do after being raped. I do not want such crap on websites again. Well, I will give you advice. Be kind to the girl of your dreams. Do not use this kind of sex give. I hope you learn.

      Christopher E. (Muslim Name: Unknown.

    • profile image

      Camir 7 years ago

      Kiss the crease where hr rear end starts? kik kik kik surely funny!!! haanh?

    • profile image

      kissing lover 7 years ago

      love number 4, gives me shivers everytime.