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Abused Women

Updated on August 11, 2020

Abused Women Need To Speak Out

Being abused and violated in the home is something that a woman will keep private because of shame and fear. A woman will go to her grave before she tells her family and friends, that she is used for a punching bag. The bruises and black marks on her body, she lies and makes excuses.

Some women suffer for years without telling anyone she is being abused by her spouse. She always blames herself for being abused, believing she did something who abuse their spouses have low-self esteem and choose a woman he can dominate and control.

I was and abused a woman who lived her life in fear for twenty years, with a man who blamed me for breathing. When he started drinking I was afraid, of him and stayed out of his way.

I Am That Abused Woman

I remembered the first time he hit me in front of his brother. I sat there in shock crying softly, with him starring ahead. He had always told me if he had to hit a women he would leave. This was the beginning of a life of horror the more he hung with his friends the more he drank.

After a night of drinking, he would come home and start an argument taking his anger and filtration out on me . I was called every bad name he could think of, until he passed out . There was times I prayed to God to give me the strength and courage to take my children and leave but I had no place to go. Instead of laying beside him in bed I sit in a corner crying until I fell asleep. The next morning I looked at herself in mirror with tears pouring my face I was tired of being abused by a man who said he loved me. I knew if I spoke up one day he might kill me, it was time for me to take a stand.

From behind me I heard him say get me a clean shirt, get it your dam self I said softly. You talking to me he yelled. I am tired of you hurting me when you get drunk. I am the boss in this house, I pay the bill don't ever raise your voice to me again grabbing me by my throat. Go ahead and get it over with, I'm tired closing her eyes waiting for my head to go through the wall. I was drunk he yelled at her. you are the reason I drink, you don't do anything with yourself but sat here all day. I cook I clean and take care of your children, you told me not to work remember. If you hit me one more time I swear I will call the cops. I want you out of my house to day and don't come back. I'll be back for my things, don't call me for nothing.

Violence against women has increased in the United States, every second a woman is sexually assaulted, threating and abused by acts of violence. Young women are killed and sexually assaulted for unknown reasons No one deserves to be abused or sexually assaulted. A lot of violence occur in poor neighborhoods, where mental illness .where families live there lives in poverty.

Domestic violence is a crime that is underrated in poor communities, these crimes hidden inside the home by However, these crimes are usually done by men and the victims are women and children

Domestic violence against women is a growing epidemic against women across the world.What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is and combative behavior that take place in the home, between a spouse and their partner which leads to abuse.This problem is alarming to women in today's society.

Domestic Violence is one of the leading cause of injuries to million of women.Every second a woman dies as a result of domestic violence.85% to 95% of all domestic violence the victims are women. 5000,00 are stalked by jealous lovers.75% of woman feels that their lives are over and tries to kill themselves. 45% are beaten, kicked and slapped around by their spouses. Most women from a home of domestic violence live their lives in fear, thinking that this is normal.

Studies has been made stating that men who has abuse their families, use emotional abuse to control their families. They believe that they have the right the behave any way they wants in their own home. In some homes men believes that women have no right to make decisions, including how to spent their money, she has to do what he says. Men believe that they own their women and can have sex from their partner, any time they want regardless to what. Most women hide their abuse from friends and family members because of embarrassments and shame.

No woman deserves to me be abused. The first sign of abuse it's time to leave, if not one day he will injure you or kill you.


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