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The Alpha Male and why Every Men Should Be One

Updated on October 1, 2015

The Alpha Male : Explained

Living here on earth is one of the most complicated task one has to fulfill in his/her lifetime. Then there’s this men who are nearly the perfect species ever to roam the earth. They were the alpha male.

Being an alpha male is awesome in many, great ways. To some, they might associate it only with being a chick magnet. But actually, there's more to this breed of modern male that we should know about. The alpha male lives inside every men's being; one has just have to unleash it. Women would normally consider alpha males to be the best partner in life. Here's some citations about the life an alpha male has:

The Physical Characteristics

Alpha males are concious on how they look to others. To many they will pictured as a tall, manly, physically toned body, yet with a kick-ass attitude.They would normally hit the gym around 3-5 times a week just to get that fit body. They also know how to groom properly, dressing appropriately based on where they will go and who they will be socializing with.

Say, like that an alpha male would be considered the "it" guy. They would come in different packages such as the boy-next-door, the hot ramp model, the smart CEO of the company etc. They have attained such image not only by impressing others, but also to prove into the society that modern males are here to change the way the world go round.


Known by many to be the main provider of the family, alpha males are really career-oriented. They always strive to be the best and most exemplary employee in the workplace. Driven by passion, their needs, goals, wants and dreams: these are the main objectives they have in their minds, that is why promotion is not new to them. The top of the corporate ladder is always successfully traversed by them.

He is also a great leaders and problem solver. He will always be deployed in difficult and challenging positions. Failure will only be considered a learning point for him. He doesn't easily gets discouraged from it, but rather uses it for his forte to excel at work.

As the Family Man

Most alpha males that are married are really good husbands. They are loyal to their wives and takes good care of their marriage vows. Loving their wives feels like their most important obligation for their family. They are not easily tempted on cheating with their wives. In fact, they always finds new ways of surprising their wives with new things that will make their relationships happier and long-lasting

The way they show their love to their wives, they also do that to their children. Spending time with them is one of the most well-spent time with them. The excuses of having no-time with them is always disregarded by them. Kids will always be cherished and enjoyed being accompanied by alpha male dads. And alpha male daddies also know how to discipline their children. They would not give all the things that the kid wants; following this, stating the reason why, but its probably for their own good. We all know that a child who grew up spoilt by their parents will be hard to deal with.

Do you prefer being an alpha male?

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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      You said the following: "They are loyal to their wives and take good care of their marriage vows." underneath you used a photo of Brad Pitt.

      He's famous for cheating on his first wife Jennifer Aniston! :)

      Nevertheless I agree with you there are plenty pluses to being an Alpha Male. Even though many women will claim they dislike them Alpha Males seldom have a problem finding women to mate with.

      In fact if other (men admire him) women will gravitate towards him!

      There still remains the belief that if a man is successful enough he can have any woman he wants! Alpha Males want to be in charge.

    • Daddy Paul profile image

      Daddy Paul 

      3 years ago from Michigan

      You nailed it! Great hub!


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