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The Arranged Marriage

Updated on February 17, 2015

I use to always think that the term “arranged marriage” was a tad stupid. I mean how can you trust someone else’s judgment for a partner for you? Well in our times no one really lives like that anyway so I guess why even talk about it right? WRONG!

I have been born again little over three and half years and from the beginning I was ministered to on the importance of letting God lead you. Not just in everyday life but also in BIG decisions such as who to marry.

The God that created the Heaven and Earth created you and me. He planned our lives right down to the smallest detail so it’s only fitting that He would create a partner for us (opposite sex) that is so perfectly suited to you. As you can see the world around us isn’t being led by Gods Wisdom otherwise we wouldn’t have such a high divorce rate, children being born to unmarried couples. I know you probably just rolled your eyes at me now and thinking, how can you judge? Believe me when I say I am not judging at all as I myself have a child from a man I never married. But to get back to my point. Things don’t have to be that way.

God has provided us with every single bit of Wisdom we will ever need. Not just wisdom to find our perfectly matched partner but also to have the most successful relationship.

If you are a Believer and single I urge you to not just jump into a relationship without seeking God out about it. He will guide you. He wants you happy after all. If marriage is what you desire then your Heavenly Father has created a partner for you, He has an “arranged marriage” planned for you. If you know He loves you then you should trust His judgment. Do you think you know better than Him? If so you have a pride issue and need to work that out.

Think about the hassles you avoid if you just trust God and let Him lead you to the partner He created for you. This is the best possible person suited to you. Why wouldn’t you want to have that?

I most certainly did and I went before God a long time ago and I asked Him for that set partner and I told Him I trusted Him and I thanked Him. I then allowed Him to prepare me as a wife for this husband. God’s been doing that for three years.

I look at the term “arranged marriage” completely differently now. I see it as a BLESSING. I don’t have to go out there and look for someone who might love me or who might accept me or who loves me today but in three months doesn’t want a relationship. I don’t have to fear being in an abusive relationship. I don’t have to fear anything because God my Father has taken care of all of it already for me. He gave me a husband that would love me with an everlasting love just as God loves me. He respects me and care for me and provide for me. He would make it a priority to ensure that I am happy and would never need to question his love for me. He would always encourage, always help and always make me laugh. I would never need to be concerned with whether I can trust him. This is because He has made JESUS Lord of His life and His love for Jesus and the Father is so immense that it will overflow onto me.

Do you see what I am saying? Many desire to be happy, but only a very few are willing to trust God for it. Always trying to do things in their own strength and that is where failure lies.

God has arranged a marriage for you. Tell Him you ACCEPT and thank Him for taking that time to do that for you. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.


Do you believe God cares enough about you to even choose a partner for you?

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    • meaganvanvuuren profile image

      Meagan van Vuuren 3 years ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      I thank you for you comment but all i can say is if you know Gods Word you will know it says Love who is God cannot fail so YES His ways and plans are perfection and cannot fail when followed. This article is strictly about God choosing your partner. He has already arrange a marriage for you. Not some priest or pastor least of all yourself. In order to benefit from this you would need to have a personal intimate relationship with Jesus. Its the most rewarding relationship. GOD BLESS YOU

    • bkwriter profile image

      bkwriter 3 years ago from Beaverton Oregon

      I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to as far as "God's way" (I assume waiting till marriage to sleep with someone is part of that). But approaching marriage "God's way" is in no way guaranteed success. It's a successful approach for some people, but I'm willing to bet that approaching marriage as prescribed by the Bible is in no way a guarantee of a successful marriage. People who get married (in America anyway) should have the same values and aspirations. Having strong similar beliefs, whether religious or not, I think is a better sign of if two people will stay together.

      You article is about arranged marriages. Depending on the two people involved, sometimes that can work, but sometimes it doesn't. I know people for whom arranged marriages have worked. But I also know some for whom arranged marriage didn't work. Simply because a priest or someone of religious authority says two people should get married doesn't mean that religious figurehead is correct.

      It would be lovely if there were any one surefire way to know who is going to be a good life partner for us. Some people like to think basing a relationship completely on one major premise, whether it be a religious belief or something else, will guarantee the success of their marriage. I don't believe that is true. Some people try to stay together for their kids' sake. The kids are the "major premise" two people are now basing their marriage on. But unfortunately that doesn't always work out.

      I'm not saying basing a marriage on religion is wrong, or that it doesn't work ever. Sometimes it does. I just think it's a bit naïve to say it's a guaranteed way to find a mate. Also, not all people are religious, so non-religious people wouldn't approach marriage in a religious manner, but some of those marriages still work. And sometimes two people from two different religions get married, and despite both parties believing in God in different ways, those couples still work out some percentage of the time.

      There are many couples who have the same religion who get married and even though they waited till marriage and all that (sometimes BECAUSE they waited till marriage) their marriage doesn't work out. That's just life; sometimes the wonderful plan works out quite well, and sometimes it just doesn't.