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The Arranged Marriage - A Love Story

Updated on February 17, 2015

Once upon a time in a far far away land called Port Elizabeth lived a young girl named Meagan and Meagan attended a school called Kabega Park Primary.

This all happened in the year 1991 in her last year of Primary School when a boy would walk into her life and never to walk out again by the GLORY OF GOD!!! In walked Trevor, a scrawny boy with a mop of red hair and the cutest deepest dimples you have ever seen! His smile she would never forget.

They became friends and even though it was only for a short period of time the connection that God wanted was made. The following year Trevor and Meagan went off to different High Schools. She thought she wouldn’t see him again. She couldn’t shake him from her mind. Why not she wondered? Why did her mind somehow always fall back on him? Where was he and how was he?

And then GLORY TO GOD a day came when their paths crossed again. Trevor had moved into the SAME Street as Meagan. I mean what are the chances? Coincidence… I think not!

Here they are again, together! They picked up where they left off in Primary School. Little did Meagan know that Trevor liked her. She was clueless to boys so didn’t even consider it. But people, there was another boy on the scene (also a red head – hmmm) nonetheless he was so in love with Meagan but Meagan only saw him as a friend. There were days that Meagan was annoyed by him and found herself at Trevor’s door asking him to save her from him. Trevor being the boy that he was, stepped up and played the knight in shining armour!

But alas that too was short lived and they were torn apart yet once again. Meagan didn’t realise then that she cared deeply for him. She couldn’t shake him from her mind but didn’t understand what that was. So she ignored it. She went on.

Trevor and Meagan never crossed paths again until the year of 2009 where Trevor had found her on Facebook. But by then so much of their lives had changed. So much had happened and the people they were back then were long gone. Trevor now was a mighty man of God called to do amazing work for the Lord and one of those things was to lead Meagan to Jesus!

And so it began. The journey to find Jesus! It took ministering to her daily for about a year. She finally on the 19 February 2011 went before the Lord and gave her life to Him. A day that changed her forever and set her on a course that would absolutely surprise her and overwhelm her.

In her times with Trevor who walked very closely with her and taught her about Jesus and about the Word and about Faith and Love and Healing, they grew close. Meagan fell absolutely in love with him. He was so much more than the boy she remembered in primary school. He was a man before her so in love with Jesus. This is what made him so attractive. Jesus in him! He had feelings for her too. They went before the Lord and sought Him on this matter. Meagan being young as a Christian hadn’t really learnt how to hear from the Lord so her insecurities and logic over took her and she just said NO. She told Trevor who believed it. He didn’t feel the need to ask God himself but trusted what he thought she had heard. But Meagan was a work in progress and so Trevor couldn’t see how it was possible for her to be his wife even though he had feelings for her.

They thought God said no so they buried their feelings. They forged on to develop one of the most amazing friendships purely based on their love for Christ. They studied the word and they prayed and they spoke for hours at a time, sometimes all day long. Trevor taught and Meagan listened. Trevor prayed and Meagan added her faith to his and stood in agreement. They would work on things together and together watch them come to pass. Together they were a mighty team. They didn’t even realise it.

BUT the devil didn’t like this so he decided to rid Meagan from Trevor’s life and sent her packing to another town far away! 3 months into being away she realised the plot and decided that it was time to fight back and get home. She loved Trevor and she wanted to be with him and she had prayed over and over again believing God to put them together. You see God was preparing her in this time to be a wife. He had put a desire in her heart to be a wife and not just any wife but a PROVERBS 31 wife. She wanted to be this wife to Trevor. Trevor had dreams and visions of his wife, children they would have and peace that they would experience. Meagan and Trevor would share these with each other. God spoke to Meagan and told her to get packing and go home her husband needed her. So Meagan did what she thought was the right thing and started to pack but the devil intervened again and Meagan’s return was delayed and she missed a time when her husband really needed her. She had no idea then what it was or who he was but at the back of her mind she hoped and believed it was Trevor. Finally in the year 2014 in the beginning God spoke to her again and said get home your husband is waiting for you. There was an urgency about that message that made her sit up and pay attention.

She got up and with all the faith that she could muster up she took action. She made moves purely out of faith and God took the lead and within 2 months of this process she was back home where she belonged.

But 2 weeks before she was to return home once all arrangements were in place Trevor approached her and told her of a vision that his brother in law had of them together. They were both shocked. Is this possible they thought? Meagan thought oh my GOD answered my prayers.

Meagan returned and her and Trevor decided it was time to go before the Lord again and ask about this vision whether it was truth or not! A few weeks later the Lord confirmed this to Meagan. Weeks later the confirmation came for Trevor and he was finally able to be free to express his feelings for her. So their journey started. They began moving towards the revelation of being chosen to be together by God’s divine plan.

Today they are together – they stand as a couple that God placed together with a purpose with a perfectly designed part of His big plan. They have so much love for each other because they have so much love for Jesus! As they have grown over the 5 years in their walk they have also grown into each other becoming one which will come into completion this year when they officially become Husband and Wife.



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