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Mother's Day Thank You

Updated on February 25, 2018


There is something very important missing in our culture today - the art of saying "thank you". It builds relationship to say "thanks" in response to a kindness. It shows respect for an individuals' time, for their thoughtfulness, and for their consideration of you.

A thank you does not cost anything, but is an extremely valuable item. It is something that money can't buy, but is very necessary. A sincere "thank you" is always welcome in business and personal relationships. Some children are raised to express thanks appropriately and some aren't. It seems that those not raised accordingly would learn from those around them that showing gratefulness is a good practice and beneficial to all. Many social graces are learned by watching others.

Don't Miss An Opportunity

So very many opportunities to say "thanks" are missed everyday. Do you show appreciation to your family, to those who work with and for you, to your friends, those who love you in spite of your faults? Let's make a concerted effort to appreciate those people in our lives, those we encounter in our daily walk.

Mother's Day is a special time. What an opportunity to say thanks to a most important person in your life! Don't miss this important day, but there are other times to express your devotion and appreciation too.

Greatfulness can be expressed in many ways. A simple verbal expression is powerful. Look the person in the eye when you express your thanks. To look elsewhere devalues the message and makes it appear less sincere. A card or note is a kind gesture of gratitude. Flowers and gifts can often register a thankful heart for those special gestures from others. Who do you need to thank today? Pick up the phone, write an email or a note, and let that person know how much you appreciate them!

In Closing

My Mom and Mother-in-Love have both passed on. There are so many memories that emerge where I wonder if they knew how much I appreciated and loved them. They were both very special ladies. I look back and ponder the missed opportunities to thank them. I could have done so much more to show my gratitude. Hind sight is always wisdom!

The lesson learned is to live in gratitude! To feel gratitude is not enough, it must be expressed!

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  • PaulaK profile imageAUTHOR

    Paula Kirchner 

    8 years ago from Austin. Texas

    Thanks for your kind remark!

  • ExpandYourMind profile image


    8 years ago from Midwest USA

    Wonderful hub. Txs.

  • MPG Narratives profile image

    Marie Giunta 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Mother's are wonderful and should be thanked every day. Thanks for highlighting this Paula. Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone.

  • PaulaK profile imageAUTHOR

    Paula Kirchner 

    8 years ago from Austin. Texas

    Thanks Cajunrooster! I am glad that you have such a great relationship with your Mom. How special! Thanks for being a fan!

  • cajunrooster profile image

    John David LeCoq 

    8 years ago from San Antonio, Texas

    What a great hub! Of course, Mother's are so very special to all of us. I never forget my Mother. She and my Dad still live in Louisiana and I call them almost everyday. My Mother is the one who I talk to the most. She knows all the news about the family and my hometown. She is a saint!! Great words as usual from PaulaK!!

  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 

    8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    Wonderful hub to Mothers.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Wonderful Hub and one we needed to be reminded of...Moms are special.


  • PaulaK profile imageAUTHOR

    Paula Kirchner 

    8 years ago from Austin. Texas


  • profile image

    Marie Kirchner 

    8 years ago



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