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The Average Budget for Your Wedding

Updated on September 21, 2013

Budget Wedding


Average Wedding Budget

As wedding trends come and go, we see some that should stay and plenty that should go. We see weddings moving back into more vintage themes with weddings reflecting earlier times like the 1930's and 40's with gangsters and flappers. Some even just go with the older dresses, older china patterns, and lots of lace.

The DIY revolution is also upon us as couples all over the world are making their own invitations and purchasing a mixed assortment of dishes from thrift stores and secondhand stores. As brides strive to make their weddings more unique, the one trend that must come to a halt, and soon, is the ever growing wedding prices.

The majority of brides that call me for help have a story that includes

"The first venue that we visited said that it would cost us $40,000 just for the rental but that they would take care of everything. We hadn't really wanted to spend that much. We were thinking a lot less for the whole thing."

Granted, this $40,000 rental fee doesn't include your photography, your flowers, your wedding cake, your catering, your wedding officiant, or even your music, just the rental of the building. So much for the venue taking care of everything for you. Then they slide in the fact that if you want to rent the venue for your wedding, you have to pay the required $13,000 catering minimum. That's already $53,000 just for the building and the food for your wedding. You haven't even considered all of the other areas of your wedding yet. Obviously this is just an example from the many calls I get from frustrated brides.

"They told us that we wouldn't find a better deal anywhere else, that this was what everyone would charge us. They said that weddings were really expensive. I had no idea. It's way over our initial wedding budget, but my fiance' just wants to go ahead and sign the contract. What do we do?"

Couples easily get fooled by these same statements everyday and end up paying WAY more than reasonable in all areas of their weddings. There's absolutely no reason not to be able to have exactly what you want on your wedding day on a $10,000, $5,000, or even a $1,000 budget. I know what you're thinking.

"Victoria, I have no interest in hamburgers and hot dogs on paper plates in my backyard."

I realize that's the common belief when talking about saving money. I hear it all the time, but mostly from parents. It's just not true. Nothing in your wedding should cost even $5,000. Nothing. To learn more and get your perfect wedding with a budget you can live with, stay tuned by following my Hub. You'll get any further articles forwarded right to your inbox!

Budget Weddings

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Your Wedding Budget

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    • VVanNess profile image

      Victoria Van Ness 4 years ago from Fountain, CO

      Very nice! There are too many couples out there that don't realize that they don't have to spend $30,000 to have a beautiful wedding.

      I'm glad your daughter found a way! Thanks for the comment!

    • Sherry Hewins profile image

      Sherry Hewins 4 years ago from Sierra Foothills, CA

      I agree. My daughter had a beautiful wedding for under 5000.