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The Best And Most Romantic Way To Ask A Marriage Proposal

Updated on April 4, 2015
My romantic son and his girlfriend
My romantic son and his girlfriend | Source

I went to my Hub pages account and found this question: What do you think is the best and most romantic way to ask your girlfriend to marry you... asked by sir_tallest

Like if somebody hit a rewind button for a video...the picture of my son's proposal marriage to his girlfriend came to my mind once again...let me tell you his romantic idea which I consider the best.

It was the first day of school for the students after Christmas vacation. I was dressed in one of my favorite outfits. My eldest son called me almost at the end of the school day. There was a long meeting held and all I wanted was to get into my shower. It was my do you say..."NO"? He is a very romantic person and I have been in most of his inventions. He will not give a normal rose or invite someone for a normal dinner. His ideas are fun, warm and very heart touching but when you just want to finish the day and receive some kind of "weird instructions" which meant a big deal for him...well it is your son...and my middle son planted in my heart the fact that they came to this world because I wanted children so I am supposed to be there for them. A quite psychological statement to get what they want.

My son's marriage proposal

He had planned every detail you could ever imagine. Everything had a place and that is where he wanted them. I was scared to screw something up; nobody is perfect and being tired with instructions completely out of the norm. I had enormous chances to forget something. The only reason that made me help him, to be part of his ideas, was because I love him just as I love my two other children.

Location "Bahia del Condado San Juan, Puerto Rico"

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Condado, Puerto RicoHiding placeThe ring inside a glass box.Showing "Wolfy" the proposal location
Condado, Puerto Rico
Condado, Puerto Rico | Source
Hiding place
Hiding place | Source
The ring inside a glass box.
The ring inside a glass box. | Source
Showing "Wolfy" the proposal location
Showing "Wolfy" the proposal location | Source

Planning from the heart

My kids decided that the partner they choose will last until death departs them. I guess that is why they have wanted a special event to be part of a link for when difficult situations arise.

If you want to marry somebody it means you love that person in a special way; deeper, and with other internal ideas as well as other objectives. When people plan from the heart, things will come well.

My son had made a map and wrote everything I was supposed to do. He wanted me to put the ring on my finger in case something happened to the box. I had to get into the water with my cloths on, even when people were looking at how I was dressed.

I did screw it up since I was supposed to put the box in the water without rocks, but I saw a fish and thought it could grab it or the ring would float away. I also was supposed to get out of the scene because his girlfriend wasn't supposed to know how in the world that ring got to the location. I was hiding on back of these bushes where a homeless person had left items. This had me perturbed not knowing what kind of person would arrive and how would he take the fact that a lady with nice cloths was searching his living area. The fact is, that since I was still waiting, the sign he would give for me to get out (which he did and because I was looking back toward the homeless person's arrival I missed it), the water started to come closer to the shore and it was making me get my clothes wet. I could not permit this since my car was hiding in the parking of "The Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza ". An elegant and expensive hotel. Nobody would understand a wet lady walking through such extravagance.

About the video

Watch his video which I am posting below and see his fabulous ideas and how much happiness he brought to his girlfriend's heart.

The text on the video is in Spanish where it has his proposal words. He tells her his feelings that from so many different girls, she was the only one that made a difference. The translation is provided.

I Propose


Until finally ended
and with a breath of life
He sent you to the world

(Words I said to convince her to go into the water to the light she thought was a buoy)

Now you're here
very near me

Swimming steadily,
swimming for love

And because you insisted
to give me shelter in your life
I ask you to swim a little more Maria
Unto that light to guide us.

By: Yozán Figueroa Ruiz

Translation by Lastheart


Because most wanted a prince
But none would behave like a princess

I launched my love to the sea of forgetfulness
For it to sink into it's disappointments
Until "The Chosen"
plunge into the waters
And swim to it,
retrieving it in a time
I used to believe.

While God was watching from above
And each of my words heard

my prayers, He molded
Placing in you what I needed

The best and most romantic way

I am a very proud mother and this is the best and most romantic way to ask a proposal marriage.

May God give true love to all.

© Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill

© 2012 Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill


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    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 4 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      After 11 months, I will say thanks for your comment.

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 5 years ago from In Nebraska After Hurricane Maria

      Great hub!!