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The Best Wedding Planning Books for Brides

Updated on March 30, 2015

So you just got engaged and you're deliriously happy. That is until you start thinking about all those yucky logistics you have no idea how to handle. If a wedding planner or a pushy mom is not in the picture, you're bound to need some help from somewhere! From the ceremony location, to the officiant fee, bathroom attendants, hairstylist, calligrapher, veil, corsages, manicures and hundreds of other details -- it can all become a disorganized nightmare!

A wedding guide book can act as a one-stop shop resource to get you completely organized, help you itemize your spending, teach you about china, rentals and more and help you pull off a fabulous wedding. A wedding guide is terrific for mothers of the bride, mothers of the groom, and maid of honors who will be heavily involved with the planning!

There are thousands of wedding planning books saturating the market out there. So which ones to get and which ones to pass on? We've done the research for you! Here are the best wedding planning books for brides!


The Complete Wedding Planner & Organizer

This planner is one of the most popular and useful wedding planners out there. The three ring binder allows you to add important documents as you go along in your planning! The checklist/budget list is fabulous and a great way to stay organized. It is great for a very custom-wedding, and gives attention to every possible detail. Reading the handy tips will save you some money in the long run!

Cons: Many brides have felt like the planner had too much. That a lot of the elements didn't have meaning for smaller weddings. If you're planning a simple, budget-conscious wedding, then this may not be the ideal book for you.


The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

This is a smaller planner (no binder) that you can take with you in your purse on your wedding planning activities. The knot is no newbie in the wedding planning industry, and they have some fantastic tips. This is a "fun" book for the newly engaged bride who has no idea where to begin! The checklists and worksheets are super easy and fun to fill out, and will help you get started on envisioning you wedding.

Cons: The Information is quite basic, and can mostly be found by doing some research online! Also, brides have complained that the book seems more geared towards those planning to spend a fortune on their weddings.


The One Stop Wedding Kit

The One Stop Wedding Kit is a fabulous resource for brides on a budget. The book is beautifully written filled with creative ideas for diy projects. The book is more up-to-date than others, as it considers contemporary possibilities. Brides love their fantastic money saving advice and ideas and the areas to jot down notes! The guide is comprehensive but small enough to tote around to your appointments.

Cons: Because the writer is British, some brides may feel the ideas aren't directly pertinent to American vendors or traditions and costs.

Buy the One Stop Wedding Kit


The Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer

This is the revised edition of the first book. The three ring binder contains comprehensive charts, budget lists, checklists and more. It even has scrapbooking features so the bride can keep the binder as a keepsake. The binder contains pockets to keep receipts, brochures and more. Because the book is revised, the information and tips are super up-to-date! The book gives amazing advice and keep your organized!

Cons: Bulky, difficult to take with you anywhere! Also, brides have complained about the small folders!


How to "I Do": Planning The Ultimate Wedding In Six Weekends Or Less

This is a MUST have book for brides who are in a hurry! The book will help you prioritize your time and appointments, help you set a budget, and give you fabulous resources on the important aspects of the wedding. They don't waste time! The book is extremely well organized and will produce a wedding in literally 6 weekends!

Cons: Not comprehensive enough for a completely blown-out wedding extravaganza.


The Wedding Book

This is probably the most comprehensive book you'll ever need for planning a wedding. The advice is fabulous so this is my NUMBER ONE BRIDAL BOOK PICK! Every single detail is considered, and offers you realistic timelines. Mindy Weiss, (celebrity planner), is who you want when planning a wedding. This is the only book you'll ever need! She covers more than logistics, but also the stylistics of an event. You know you'll have a fantastic wedding, with every detail covered.

Cons: The book can be seen as information overload if you hate planning or reading. At 485 pages, it is a lot to take in.


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