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What Every Bride Needs To Know While Making a Budget for Her Wedding

Updated on September 16, 2018
Emily Margaret profile image

Margaret has a degree in Fashion and Marketing. She currently works in bridal. Interactions with her clients inspire her articles.

Budgeting For Your Big Day Can Be Hard

Many of the engaged couples that I meet are desperately trying to cut costs on their wedding. This has, unfortunately, become a modern day fact of wedding planning. No matter their budget, it seems that every couple feels pressured to go over budget, which inevitably leads to a lot of additional stress.

The first thing that I would like to make clear is that you are not alone if you are doing this. Whether your budget is modest or over the top excessive, you will most likely feel pressured to "do better" for your wedding day.

Another thing that I would like to make clear is that most couples are not having weddings like what you are being shown, and that doesn't mean that they aren't having beautiful weddings. Social media will show us wild, often wacky, over the top weddings, but many aren't real and they definitely aren't the norm.

You are not failing anyone by not being the bride you seen on Instagram. Not yourself. Not your partner. Not your guests. People who care about you will find your wedding beautiful and emotional no matter where or how the event happens.


Have a Realistic Budget

I know that making a budget can be hard, but it is also important. One issue that many couples have is that they drive themselves crazy seeking something that doesn't exist. Create a budget that is based in reality so that you don't waste your time or drain yourself emotionally looking for something that simply doesn't exist. Do some research while planning and be honest with yourself about what the things that you want cost.

Watching couples run around, often going from store to store being disappointed over and over again is frustrating. Don't be one of those couples, wasting your time and stressing yourself out before your big day.

Knowing how much what you want will cost is also helpful in avoiding overpaying, as you should be able to know what is and isn't a reasonable price.

You Need to Consider Your Priorities

While the support of your friends and family is amazing, and a balance should definitely be reached, at the end of the day it is YOUR wedding! It's not your mother's wedding, it's not your partners grandmother's wedding, it's not your childhood best friend's wedding unless you are marrying your best friend!

Many couples decide to cut out things that they don't care about to focus on things that they do want. This doesn't mean that traditions need to be cut out, but you may opt for the most modest version of that tradition. This can of course be a harder balance when a tradition has a steep unavoidable fee. For example, if several generations of your family have all married in the same venue, which both has a high rental cost and a lot of potential additional fees. What is and isn't important enough to invest in is a very personal process that will always be challenging. You may decide that some traditions are not worth the investment, but your wedding will still be beautiful!

Remember That You Have to go Back to Your Normal Life After the Wedding

This is such a crucial thing to remember, and one that I think more and more young brides are focusing on but many still choose to ignore. You will have to return to normal life after your wedding and honeymoon. If you get into massive amounts of debt for your wedding, you will still be in massive amounts of debt after your wedding. They do not just write your wedding expenses off as a wedding gift! Many couples are choosing affordable options because they worry about the strain that debt may have on their marrage, and it is a reasonable concern. While it's obviously your choice, you are also the person who knows if you are setting yourself up for stress!


Make the Right Choice for Yourself

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to make the right choice for yourself. Regardless of your budget, you will have options that are meaningful. While selecting a dress that is 1/3 of your budget may mean $2000 to one bride and $500,000 to another, it is still a decision for both.

Consider the ones you love because you love them, but also make your decisions that are best for yourself!


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