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The Burden of Child Support

Updated on October 4, 2015

Deadbeat Dads

A man with a bright outlook,

Loiters in a crowd of noisy people,

Singing his song of satisfaction.

He stands out in a crowd from a distance,

Moving forward becoming transparent,

Fireflies in his head.

A woman approaches,

Seemingly floating not walking,

Bringing the shock of contact.

She stares at him-sings to him,

Sings an agonizing song,

Placing his soul in her care,

Linking the moments,

Of his days with hers.

Like an apparition-a skeleton,

Walking about in broad daylight,

He has been tangled in sin too long.

He drops his eyes unwilling to accept.

The scene is fixed in time.

Her song mocks him,

Heavy with the absence of peace,

Like living a lengthy dying.

Child support was not in his song.


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