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The Case Of The Ex

Updated on March 19, 2012

When it's over

Hello readers! This article can be for man or a woman it can apply to both cases. When someone breaks up with you rather it was your fault or theirs it doesn't matter it always ends with hurt feelings. So naturally the adult thing to do is walk away and cut your loses. This article is about when exes make it impossible for you to do that. They just keep hammering the nail in your heart either with the intent to continue to cause pain or with the intent to get you to come back to them or both. I'm not a doctor but i have some advice for certain situations that come up. Let me just say it is very tricky to handle a crazy ex. It can even get dangerous. Truly though it doesn't matter if your a man or woman if you feel really threatened by their behavior it is best to seek a professionals help immediately before the bomb explodes. I can't help you with that as i am no doctor but i do have the advice for distraught exes.

Case 1 Pop Ups

To untangle yourself from someone who knew you for a good amount of time is like un-knotting a million braids. It takes so much time and energy and is just tiring. So with that being said lets get to the case.

THE CASE FILE: It seems like almost everywhere you go they show up unexpectedly. You could be out with friends at a bar three towns away and suddenly they show up and make a scene. Or you could be at the market and they suddenly are their too. It is one too many pop ups where your at. Then worse they get very loud, or confront you with the so "called" intent to be friendly. Instead things go sour immediately and you get into an argument. Or they have people come up to you and ask you questions. Then they go into how much of an asshole/ bitch you are. Wherever you go your shadow ex seems to be following you.

A BREAK THOUGH: If this is happening to you I have a break though you can try to make it better. You don't have to move, you could go to the police (but they might not deal with it) , or you can try to fix the leak. Their is obviously a leak of information getting back to this person. So your job should be to become the plumber and fix it immediately. You need to closely look at family and friends. Test it, tell each person and only that person where you are going. If the shadow doesn't show up then you know that person is clear. DON'T TELL ANYONE THAT YOUR TESTING THEM. Lest that person you told could be the leak and will spread the information to others. Then if the shadow does show up after you told a certain person then you have identified the leak. CUT THEM OFF. Note before you do this you need to rule out the possibility he/she is getting the info from social pages online. Or that you are being followed by strange usual car. Once you done that then it should be easy to find out the leak by process of elimination.

Case 2 Calling/Texting/ Emailing Non Stop

Nothing is more annoying then when your in a good sleep, your phone goes off constantly like an alarm and suddenly you have to wake up to shut it off. Then when you check who it is, it is your ex playing games calling from different numbers. It's even more frustrating when you don't want to go through the hassle of changing your number because you have so many friends, family, and businesses with that number it would be annoying to call them all. With that being said lets get to case two.

THE CASE FILE: Your out with your family and suddenly your phone keeps going off. You have a feeling about who it is, so you shut off your phone. Suddenly your family's house phone rings. They call you over and you are not surprised to hear the other voice at the end. You tell everyone to not answer their calls anymore but your family/ friends think its kind of cute how they are trying so hard to reach out to you. ANNOYED, you go on with your day then on one of your social pages online you keep getting friend requests that always end up to be this person under a different name and picture. So frustrated again you stop accepting anyone. Mean while you keep getting text messages from this person from different phones saying how much of a lowlife you are. Completely at wits end you consider how you can stop the 24/7 telemarketer ex.

THE BREAK THOUGH: Yes everyone will tell you change your number but you know that doesn't stop a telemarketer any. Here is they key, besides having to go to the police. Every time they call, pick up and play nice for 5 mins. Then tell them you have to go. WHY? They will get the attention that they obviously have gone through all the trouble of getting and you will be the nice person. Keep it short and sweet. This will feed their desire to have reached out to you and then it will cool them down for the time being. If they call late at night answer before bed and tell them your super tired and need to sleep but thanks for calling. Just treat them like you treat people who knock on your door constantly. Listen, be kind, and say no thanks. Then they get their 5 mins of fame and you get your rest. Everyone wins.

Case 3 The Beggar!

All the high powered drama. Some people are just so emotionally unstable they don't even realize how high powered dramatic they are. They simply should have become actors/actresses because they could use that drama to make a good movie. Too bad you don't want the movie to be your reality especially because your just not as good at it as they are. Nor do you want to be. So with that being said lets go to case 3.

THE CASE FILE: Immediately when you broke up you thought to yourself they handled that really well. Then the next day they are at your door crying or yelling that they just want to talk to you. You hesitantly let them in because the noise they are making is not good. Then they start to go on and on how they can change. When you tell them it doesn't matter because its better this way, they fly into a rage. They go bananas saying how could you be like that? That you never cared! Your a stupid asshole/bitch. You tell them to just leave you alone its over and go home. This whole story keeps happening every other week or month. Despite having the police or help involved. THEY JUST WON'T STOP. You get sick of calling the police, or telling them to just go because no matter what they stand around screaming, crying, pleading, that they are doing this because they love you so much.

THE BREAK THOUGH: As easy for me as an outsider to say just call the police and be done with it their is so much more to the story then people usually know. This person becoming the beggar is something almost remarkable how they seem to not really care how they look. The point though is they cause a lot of headaches and stress to your life when you are just trying to move on. So how can you get the beggar to stop? Take a leaf from their own game. Become an actor/actress and tell them you have changed teams. Meaning you like the opposite sex now. That you are just no longer attracted to them and that as much as you care for them it just won't happen. Make it believable. Tell them you tried to let them down slowly because you were afraid to "come out" yet. Now If they say they are willing to work with that tell them you need time to figure yourself out. So please leave you alone. With any luck you will either make them disgusted enough to back away from you or you will evoke the pity me card in them. So either way they will really think about it. Just again it has to look believable. No laughing or no over the top gestures. That will look fake.


I must say this for the record i have nothing but love for the gay people in the world. In fact it was a gay person who taught me that last trick in case 3. I was shocked to death but it worked. So please don't leave comments that I'm bashing on gay people. Like I have always stated I'm a open minded person and have no argument with gay people. I just prefer to be straight. :) So anyways with that being said I hope you have enjoyed my article and can use this to have fun with. Or get out of a tricky spot. So good luck to everyone out there who has exes like these i know its tough I have had a few in my day too. So if you wish to leave a comment on the bottom of the page you are more than welcomed too. TC. :)


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