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The Certain Charm of Sense of Humor

Updated on December 19, 2016

Making People Feel Good.

Typically, the basis of attractiveness among men is the stereo-typical “tall, dark and handsome” type of guy, usually seen on mainstream fashion magazines. Having a lean summer beach body combined with dashing good looks first comes in mind. And there are people who are really blessed with these kinds of attributes.

You’re among of the fortunate ones if you have these traits, because, ideally, these are the things commonly seek by women in general.

But not everybody has these traits. Yes you can at least achieve these, perhaps by hitting a gym regularly or find a workout regimen you prefer. You can also undertake cosmetic surgery to enhance your facial features.

But if you really think that you aren’t blessed enough on the “looks department” and you think that you’ll not win on against your “good-looking” counterpart. You can take another route towards attracting women.

They say that having a great sense of humor is sexy. It has a certain charm that can attract the opposite sex.

There are certain women who are attracted with this kind of trait. Just as women seek for good looks, on the other side of the spectrum, they also look for someone who can make them laugh and feel happy. Some will even prefer less attractive funny men than the good-looking ones with lame personality.

So if you think that you are not the “Brad Pitt” type, not blessed enough with dashing good looks, perhaps it’s time to put some “ha, ha, ha” on someone you really really like.

The Hidden Tools of Comedy: The Serious Business of Being Funny
The Hidden Tools of Comedy: The Serious Business of Being Funny


While other books give you tips on how to “write funny,” this book offers a paradigm shift in understanding the mechanics and art of comedy, and the proven, practical tools that help writers translate that understanding into successful, commercial scripts. The Hidden Tools of Comedy unlocks the unique secrets and techniques of writing comedy. Kaplan deconstructs sequences in popular films and TV that work and don’t work, and explains what tools were used (or should have been used).


Good Looks Vs Great Sense of Humor

If you'll be given a choice, would you rather have great looks? Or a great sense of humor?

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