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The Correlation Between Drama and Physics

Updated on November 7, 2011

The Correlation Between Drama and Physics

I actually wrote this in September of 2006 and I was reading through some of my blogs from myspace, found it and thought I would post it here seeing as though it is still very true. I am however very thankful that I have not seen those involved in the original situation in YEARS!

Seeing as though some of the people that go out in the same places that I do have expressed their desire to avoid drama but have still managed to fail miserably at avoiding it, I figured that maybe I would make a few suggestions and even set a few ground rules.


-If you do not have anything valuable to say, don't speak.

-If you do not like someone else who is in your general vicinity, learn to cope with it by yourself OR stay out of public places.

-Jealousy is not a valid reason to hate someone.

-Your insecurities are not excuses and overcompensating does not hide them.

-Making up a completely off-the-wall false story about someone to get your way, to try to make yourself look good, or for entertainment is not acceptable adult behavior.

-Understand that opinions and facts are two different things. You are not spreading some type of news! Keep them to yourself or discuss them QUIETLY with your friends. Not everyone cares what you think.

-Take care of your own issues. Don't send someone else to explain your actions or words, take responsibility for them.

-If you are interested in someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend the respectable thing to do is wait patiently for them to part ways before expressing your interest.

-Be yourself. Acting a certain way or calling yourself something DOES NOT make you whatever you are trying to be.

-Stop concerning yourself with what other people are doing. Whether it is in a public place or elsewhere it is not your business what they are doing or who they are with.

Now for the ground rules (which are a little more specific to the people who come around me and have come to my attention in one way or another).

1. If you are one of the people that I do not get along with and I have passed you by in a public place, than I obviously do not care what you would like to say to me. If you try to impose your opinions on me, it is only going to get a negative reaction. You already know that, so why do you act so surprised when it happens?

2. In a public place, you have no right to claim that I should not be there. You can spend all night fussing about it and making a scene if you would like, but all you are proving is that if either one of us does not belong there, it is you.

3. Just because I was with your man at one point in my life DOES NOT mean that I want him back. Please keep him! No one in their right mind would make that mistake twice.

4. If calling yourself an endearing term makes you feel good about yourself, than good for you, but please do not expect the rest of the world to believe the lies that you tell yourself or to play along with them. The majority of the population is not blind.

5. The crazy stories that people make up about other people are OBVIOUS. No one believes them. Stop wasting your time.

6. If you are not one of my friends, I do not care about your opinion on ANYTHING. You are insignificant to me. Please stop wasting my time.

7. Sending one of your friends to clean up your "mess" is the act of a coward. How are you going to come back into the situation acting like you are going to DO disappeared right after you SAID something. Please, stop kidding yourself. You are not fooling anyone.

8. You must be proud to know that you managed to deceive me and make me think you were a friend just long enough to tell some lies, start some arguements and eventually end a relationship all because you saw something you wanted. All the while starting in on him before I was out of the picture. Congratulations! It worked! Funny though, you are not with the one you thought you wanted so badly...

..."I don't jump from relationship to relationship"... From #1 to #2 and back to #1 within ten days...seems like you are a pro to me.

9. Which is it...ghetto, sweet, smart, girlie girl, yourself and stop with the act, that is IF you even know your own identity.

10. It is no one's concern but my own what I wore, who I came with, who I talked to, who I danced with, when I left, what I did after I left, or what I do anytime! Unless you are asking out of concern for me, don't worry about it! And if you don't know the whole story on the situation, don't talk about it.

Now, seeing as though so many people are acting like they are in High School, I figure the only way to relate is to take it back to High School myself. In Physics class you should have learned about Sir Isaac Newton and his Laws of Motion. His first law is also called the "Law of Inertia." It states that,

"An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force."

Think about that for a minute. If a night at the bar is going well and everything is calm (at rest) it will stay that way unless someone decides to start a problem. And once it's started, it's going to keep going. Now, back once more to Physics class. The Third Law of Motion states that,

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Funny how that works. Kind of similar to the concept of Karma or the old saying, "What goes around comes around."


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