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The Dangling Conversation

Updated on February 8, 2010

While driving to the supermarket I heard a song on the radio that really hit home for me on several issues. First of all the song was “The Dangling Conversation”, by Simon and Garfunkel, great duo I might add. I was listening to the song which I have always liked because it is quite good, as well as kind of sad. Simon and Garfunkel have always spoken to me through several of their songs and while I was listening to this song, I was struck with the reality that is my life right now.

Just a few months ago I was unemployed or downsized from my job, and now getting unemployment and having so much “free time” I have devoted much time to trying to make a few bucks online. I realized then that it takes a lot of time to do research and try to make your mark online. I realized that the casualty of this endeavor is my husband. So I am sure that many of you hubbers know what I mean when I say that quite a lot of time is spent on the Internet and sometimes others suffer for this.

For example, every morning, I sit behind my laptop, coffee in hand and start to make my rounds on the internet. I go first to msn and see what’s going on in the world. Then I go to several other sites that I do business with such as, squidoo, zazzle, etsy, printfection, hubpages of course, and since I am taking courses online as well I spend a lot of time doing homework too. Then I answer my email and whatever else I have to do, by this time hours have flown by. My husband rushes by me and kisses me on the forehead and goes off to work, leaving me to my internet endeavors. More hours go by, now it’s noon and my mother has already called twice, once to ask me if I will be going over to see her today, and the second time to see if I have even gotten out of my pajamas. By this time my sister has texted me to see if the princess has gotten up (her way of making sure I’m up, because everyone knows I hardly sleep at night). So my point is, TIME, a lot of time is spent on my computer and when my husband is home there he sits across the room from me in his little reading nook, and sometimes asks me something and sometimes I answer, sometimes I don’t because I am so engrossed in something online. Sometimes I ask him something and sometimes he answers and sometimes he doesn’t, and there it is; “The Dangling Conversation’. Simon and Garfunkel were genius’s to put this action into words. It’s all about people not speaking and communicating and hardly even noticing each other anymore because of what preoccupies us every day and questions that do not get answered. Our conversations have been dangling for some time now and I do not like it, and I doubt that he does as well. It’s like a cobweb settling over our words and not letting us speak.

Therefore, I have noticed here on hub pages that plenty of people have been making resolutions for the New Year and mine is always to lose weight. But you know what? I can still fit into my favorite jeans and my hot husband still wants to have sex with me, so I don’t give shit one about my weight this year and my resolution is going to be to spend more time with my husband.

My children are grown and gone, my job with them is pretty much done. I have done my best, it is up to them now and they have done pretty good for themselves with this knowledge. Now it is time to devote much of my time to the man who has stuck by me for 8 years now, and I really think this one is going to stick :) He deserves my attention because he is a very good man, is very considerate, patient and has always been very loving and supportive of me, despite all the baggage I brought on board. Because I don’t want our relationship to go the way of the “Dangling Conversation”, and superficial sighs. This song can also be interpreted as a couple who do not care anymore and who are trapped in an indifferent relationship and I certainly do not want that for us.

We both deserve better than that. So I will work when he is at work and be off when he is, and spend time together, taking walks, watching a movie, making out on the couch, who cares? Just as long as we are together because life is too short.

Heres the song if you havent heard it :)


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  • Brian Burton profile image

    Brian Burton 

    7 years ago

    Simon and Garfunkel, wow, good stuff. And nice job on your 8 years (although thinking you must be coming up on 9 or 10 now). Nice hub!

  • ladyjane1 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Texas

    A.M.Gwyn thank you for your kind words about my hub. You are so right about S&G. They churn those feelings in me as well. Bridge over troubled water is my favorite and it applies to so many people and situations in my life. Thanks for visiting and I so look forward to reading the rest of your hubs. You are an excellent writer by the way.

  • profile image

    A.M. Gwynn 

    8 years ago

    Lady Jane... I LOVED this article!

    The Dangling Converation is another classic example of this American life interpreted perfectly by them.

    How funny. From your topics you cover to your content... seems like we have so much in common!

    Simon and Garfunkel make me feel happy, nostalgic, whimsical, introspective, and very very human.

    Thanks for allowing a glimpse of your thoughts and for a little more Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

  • ladyjane1 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Texas

    MFB III Thanks so much for visiting my hub I appreciate your nice comments. And I agree with you about Simon and Garfunkel, they are just great, their voices were just perfect together. As a side note my husband is from Russia and we were seperated for 2 years while he obtained his visa it was a difficult thing after 911, and everynight I listened to Simon and Garfunkel and it was the only way that I could sleep. They were the only thing that comforted me while my husband was away, they have special meaning to me in several ways as well. The song Bridge over Troubled Water is actually my favorite and has touched me through several different people and circumstances. Thanks for reading my least read hub. Much appreciated.

  • MFB III profile image

    MFB III 

    8 years ago from United States

    of course sometimes when the conversation dangles it hangs quite temporarily suspended off the side of a mattress, as kisses take its place. But you are so right, as we spend so much time with someone communication sometimes hangs like an empty balloon between us....yet there are other times when we almost seem to know what the other is thinking. You have also touched on my all time favorite song writing team. There is no one to rival their depth and feeling in music. Thanks for a superb hub.~~~MFB III

  • ladyjane1 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Texas

    Hello HubCrafter nice of you to comment on my hub. For us its not so much that we don't have anything in common but that we don't spend the time together that we should because of our other interests which will be changing in 2010. Thanks for your kind word.

  • HubCrafter profile image


    8 years ago from Arizona

    lol. We know what you mean at our house, for sure!

    Linda and I have always had this weird (but good) thing about what other folks call. 'nothing in common'.

    Her interests and mine are like peas and carrots. The decision of outside forces to join together two unlikely things. But together, we make a wonderful medley.

    But our spent separately. We each have our interests and special friends, special activities that we are devoted to.

    When we come together it is a fresh experience. The day's ultimate highs and lows get shared as new info. There is no rehash of events we've both done together. Or little really.

    We still hold enough in common to overlap the weekly needs; the meals, the conversations, the household chatter.

    We enjoy the variety and diversity. We respect and admire the other's talents, strengths and even the foibles. Because these are the characteristics that make up the charm of each other's character. Like the surface charms of low tide, we see one another's personality in the diversity of rocky crabbing places, sputtering waves, the ebbing breath of the withdrawing sea, the tiny creatures rushing to and fro in the tidal streams.

    At the end of day, the sea refills the bay. The comforter is laid heavily on the bed; we warm our feet shuffling under the sheets; we chat the laughter; we listen relaxed, staring in the darkness; we listen while a cuddle fills in the conversation; the rustling sounds, a gentle hug.


  • ladyjane1 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Texas

    Correct you are amillar!

  • amillar profile image


    8 years ago from Scotland, UK

    Dangling conversation is one thing, but it doesn’t dangle as precariously as the illusive internet income - in my experience.

  • hypnodude profile image


    8 years ago from Italy

    Great ladyjane. You're definitely right, in this period I'm a internet addicted too. A very good hub and I think you took the right resolution. Also I agree with you: if you fit your jeans and your husband searches you than you can surely postpone thinking about your weight. Btw five minutes can be enough to get fitter. :):):)

    Beautiful hub.


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