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The Dating Game - Russian Roulette Without the Gun!

Updated on January 1, 2016
Risky?  1 shot out of 6..pretty good odds, but in dating, there are usually 5 bullets and one safety chamber.
Risky? 1 shot out of 6..pretty good odds, but in dating, there are usually 5 bullets and one safety chamber.
Let's get married!!!
Let's get married!!!

Around, Around We Go! Where will it stop? I have NO clue!

Well, folks, thought I would update you a little to what is going on currently. Yes, I still haven't given up on finding a lady and have had a few very strange experiences which I will share briefly.

Here we are again, well, at least here I am again. I think this will be my third and last post with dating is just exhausting! But, I was thinking about this today...what else is new...and decided to write this. Dating...such a mild, innocent term for something that can really be 'not so innocent...sort of like a wolf in sheep's clothing, or this case, a piranha in wolf's clothing? Hmmm...will give that some thought.

I hope you are sitting down, because some of this is very strange...don't want to shock you and have you crack your head open from the fall. All of this is true, not some Sci-Fi story, though some of this could be a trigger for a new horror movie or two!!!

I have seen pretty much everything in the dating world, and if not, don't want to see anymore! If there are more bizarre dates out there, I hope I don't have them. All of these events began a few months ago. I will start with the furthest back in time and end with the most recent. That will give you a little timeline, though in my head it is still kind of mush!!

Ready or not, here we go: Fasten your seatbelts, please. Put all trays in the upright position and hold on to your hats and stomachs!

Electronic Dating -  be prepared for some shocks!
Electronic Dating - be prepared for some shocks!
Disappointment -  Humiliation and Rejection....bitter dinner partners!
Disappointment - Humiliation and Rejection....bitter dinner partners!
Being stood up shouldn't happen to a dog!
Being stood up shouldn't happen to a dog!
A terrible blow to a beginning relationship...the ultimate rejection to a date filled with hope.
A terrible blow to a beginning relationship...the ultimate rejection to a date filled with hope.

Date 1 - Where for Art Thou, Juliette???

This first 'date' or whatever it was a real 'gem'. Her name was 'T', the names have been changed to protect the innocent, though I think in all these cases I am the innocent one that got messed with. Anyway, 'T' and I chatted online a few times and by phone and seemed to hit it off. She was a little strange at times, like overreacting to something and flip-flopping on several things…kind of thought she was bi-polar. For example, she would SOMETIMES like it when I texted her, but not others. I wasn’t sure when to contact her…it was like roulette. Same with phone calls. If I called, she sometimes liked it, but other times said it was too much. If I stopped, then she thought I had lost interest!...very weird. If I didn’t do it enough, I lost, but if I did it a bit too much…I lost. Truly a "NO Win" situation! Ping-Pong anyone?

Anyway, we decided to meet even though by now I wasn't sure what to expect with this back and forth nonsense! We scheduled it 3 days before to meet on a Sunday afternoon, but on Friday, she asked if we could meet on Saturday since she promised a friend she would go to Six Flags with them for a coupon price or something. I said that was fine, but did say I thought we agreed on Sunday. Here we go again!! She said something like I have to be flexible…whatever. So, we set the date to Saturday. Well, I was there early, scoping out the place and waited…and waited….and WAITED. One hour after our designated meeting time, she hadn’t showed and had no phone call, nothing. I was stood up after agreeing to meet with her on a different day. Well, to be blunt, I was really mad…furious to be honest! Standing like a stupid fool with a rose in my hand. Well, I did finally manage to reach her by email…and she told me….get this guys and gals, “I just found out I am pregnant!” Well, the first thing I did, was say…It wasn’t me!!! LOL She lied and said she hadn’t been seeing anyone for a long time, but here she was….just discovering she was pregnant from seeing this other guy. Couldn’t have been too long if she was just finding out. So, here I am looking like an even bigger ass and feeling like one too. What a complete liar she was and I the sucker!!!

Love is not a multi-player game!
Love is not a multi-player game!
Make this quick guys, I have another date in 30 minutes!
Make this quick guys, I have another date in 30 minutes!
Multi-partner person's pleasure...while many are hurt deeply!
Multi-partner person's pleasure...while many are hurt deeply!
Uh..what is your name again?  I can't keep all of my boyfriend's straight!
Uh..what is your name again? I can't keep all of my boyfriend's straight!

Date 2 - Mary, Mary Quite Contrary! Where Do Your Boyfriends Grow?

This lady , “K", at least showed up, so good start so far. We talked and seemed to get along, but didn’t think we were clicking, so was probably going to just say goodbye and depart on good terms. We had a nice dinner and talk, but before we left, she started to cry. Yes, a guy’s worse nightmare happens in the middle of a busy restaurant. Of course, people notice and looked at me as the villain that caused it. I tried to shrink, but couldn’t get low enough to vanish. Anyway, I asked what was wrong, by this time we finally got out to the parking lot, and me with my hide intact, since most of the ladies in the restaurant were out to nail my butt to the wall with the glares and venom dripping from their extended claws! She finally blurted out that she liked me, BUT…and here comes the next guy’s most horrible nightmare, "I am still seeing someone, but wasn’t sure I wanted to be with him, but realize now that I love him and want to be with him!" Won't say what was in my head and on the tip of my tongue!" Okay…somebody get out the ‘Sucker’ stamp and knock me in the forehead with that. Even though I wasn’t going to see her again, this sucked! Again, this woman told me specifically she wasn’t interested in anyone else and wasn’t seeing anybody. Knew we should have gone "Dutch Treat".

Now, I am 2 for 2. Both women said they were seeking a serious relationship with me, and were interested in me….both lied and told me there were not seeing anyone currently. More lies, deceit, betrayal, and all that garbage again and here I again, holding the proverbial bag of poop!

Okay…chalk these 2 up in the “World’s Biggest Losers” tally and move on! Why do people continue to lie even at the very start???? All said in their emails, profiles, etc. that they wanted a man that was over his past, and here these losers couldn't even do it themselves, but sure expected the men to be! What crap! STUPID!!!

This should have been 'M's profile picture.
This should have been 'M's profile picture.
I am glad I never met 'M'.  It could have been this instead of a 'goodnight kiss.'
I am glad I never met 'M'. It could have been this instead of a 'goodnight kiss.'
Ah...Miss M and her alter ego!    Meet Mujo....not Cujo!
Ah...Miss M and her alter ego! Meet Mujo....not Cujo!
This guy is a pussycat compared to what I could have met.
This guy is a pussycat compared to what I could have met.

Date 3 - Who Wrote Your Profile and Can you Read?

Now for the GRAND FINALE! This one makes the other two look like a walk in the park on a nice, sunny day! This is the stuff for nightmares...ready for this? LOL

Well, this lady, I will call ‘M’. We never met, thank God, for if we had, my body might have been found in some field in a disgusting part of town! Lunatic would be a mild term for Ms. “M”. We talked as usual several times by email and IM, and things were okay. I read her profile again and noticed she was Jewish. No problem for me since many put their religious beliefs online.

I am a Christian, Baptist by denomination, and asked her about her faith. She said she was VERY strong in the Jewish faith and would never leave nor change it. She would stay in her church/synagogue, and I had no problem with that at all. I told “M” the same was true for me. I am strong in my beliefs and would never change nor leave my church! We continued to talk some, but I could feel things were not going to work out as soon as we finished our chat about this topic! Her entire mood changed and could read the hostility in her a writer I was reading between the lines. This conversation was deteriorating rapidly until... Okay..get ready….Cujo “M” is born. Now I know who gave Jack Nicholson acting lessons in "The Shining" movie...Ms. M!

All at once, she got really mean and nasty. What I was reading from her would be the stuff for a horror movie. It was like ‘M” became possessed by some unearthly monster. I am not sure what some of the words she used meant, but know a Marine would blush at some of the remarks she made! She attacked me without mercy and of course, my defense was down since she totally blindsided me with this brutal attack. I was totally in shock! M called me many names, some very vulgar…hmmm…wonder what her Rabbi would say? She said, “I told you I was Jewish.” Over and over she lashed out this statement! I replied that she was correct, but that she never would address it until this time. Again, I had no problems with that, but she was on a rampage and to this day don't know why she was so hostile! But I lit some fuse!

Then she went off on my profile saying I lied in it, misrepresented myself and so on. She definitely was on verge of an all out assault, and I thought she was going to blow a gasket if she continued. By this point, I just shut up and let her rant and rave. If I have learned one thing from my past relationships, it was never try to reason with a raving lunatic and let them exhaust themselves with their rage! She finally stopped acting like a complete psycho, but still 'M' was as mad as you know what! I read her profile and told her, " Well, 'M', you said you are very patient and non-judgmental." Well finally, that got through the rampaging tigress for what followed was complete silence. I braced myself for another deluge I thought was going to come after I lit the fuse to that bomb, but nothing happened. She didn't say a word.

Well, that was my cue to just make a hasty exit, stage left, to the home page and block her totally, then went to my email and blocked her there too. I am glad I wasn’t around M when she learned I had done that! But I was grateful, that my hide was still intact and some of my wits. This lady has some SERIOUS anger issues, but at least I had not met her and possibly ended up in the ICU of a nearby hospital or in some unmarked grave or trash heap!

Well, those 3 women above I met online, and it was an unpleasant ordeal and very now what? GOOD question?

My type of gal.  The sweet, hometown, girl next door type!  This type of woman is a treasure beyond value!   This, folks, is a REAL woman!
My type of gal. The sweet, hometown, girl next door type! This type of woman is a treasure beyond value! This, folks, is a REAL woman!
Compassion, devotion, empathy, and of course caring and loving!
Compassion, devotion, empathy, and of course caring and loving!

Date 4 - My Lady of Dreams?

Okay, before starting with this final encounter, I know some of you are saying…yeah..just wait, KH, you are going to get the rug pulled out from under you again..just watch and see. So, 3rd time isn’t a charm for me, but what about the next time? There is no guarantee, but I lose if I quit!

Actually, this date has not may happen in future. I truly wonder if there will be a next one! Should I just not try to forget the whole thing? Many times that is exactly what I wanted to do, but then again, I think of the alternative...being alone, not having anyone close to share things with; love, intimacy, affection...etc. No thanks...I would rather risk the strange dates above on the chance that the next one will be...THE ONE!

Will I find that one woman in the billions of people on this planet? I wish I knew! But as stated in another hub on "True Love", I lose if I give up. If I stop my search, I will never find what I have sought my whole life for! But I do know one thing...the lady that finally wins my heart will not be sorry...that is a promise! I have learned so much from my past relationships, and although they left many scars and damage, they helped shape me into the man I am today. Although not perfect, I do know love and a real relationship is possible if BOTH are willing to put the time, effort, and go the extra mile to make it happen.

Like a garden, a well tended one will produce a good harvest or as the Bible says, it will be 'fruitful'. But as in any garden, the seeds of love and affection have to be placed in fertile soil...a foundation so to speak. Without that 'good soil' or solid foundation the whole thing will come crashing down around your ears. I know, I have had it happen. No foundation or good soil = no love and is as simple as that.

Well, I have the seeds, and am willing to provide the good soil in which to plant the seeds of love and a fulfilling relationship! I am just waiting from my 'gardening' partner to join me and together 'cultivate' our relationship with tender care, love, loyalty, devotion, trust, and all the wonderful things a relationship needs to thrive and grow!

I will report to you all about the lady that does open my heart and desires the same things I do...that is true love and a relationship that is strong and satisfying for BOTH people! I have a large, empty space in my heart with a "Vacancy" sign out front. I long for the woman that desires to remove that sign and place her name in my heart forever! But before she moves in, she will have to earn the spot in my heart. I am going to be VERY selective from now on. No more accepting things that I don't like ignoring red flags and other warning signs! The women never accept anything except what they want, and I am not going to either.

So, as the movie industry says....To Be Continued!!! At least I hope so, because I truly want a loving relationship with a real woman more than anything...that is the honest truth!

Will it happen? I pray it will. Looking back to the past, my record is worse than the St. Louis Rams and they suck! LOL Oh well, miracles do happen! Hopefully, I will meet my miracle soon and have a relationship full of love, joy, and affection! I am going to 'Trust and obey God, and leave the consequences to Him!


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