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The Difference Between Mr Right Now and Mr Right

Updated on November 17, 2014

Sometimes when women are in love or in a relationship they think a guy is the one. How could you tell the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now?

1) You know in your heart where the relationship is going. If you have a feeling that the guy you are with is the one than you met mr. right. If you feel you are just being strung along then you are with Mr. Right now.

2) He cares about your feelings. Mr. Right hates to see you cry and would do anything to make you smile. He is protective of you and does not want to see you upset.

3) He will not listen to you. Mr. RIght now does not consier your feelings at all. If you say you are uncomfortable with him doing somethin he will do it anyway. He is only after what he wants and you have no say in it.

4) He respects you. You know you met Mr. Right when he does not want you to go against your values.

5) He threatens to leave if you do not give him what he wants. It could not be anymore obvoius what he is after. If he wants sex and you refuse than that is all he wants with you. The right guy will wait until you are ready.

6) He takes an intrest in your intrest. Mr. Right cares about the things you care about. He will ask you how work is or bring up topics that he knows you love.

7) He does not care about what makes you happy. He is Mr. Right now if he only wants fun and nothing serious. If he sleeps with you but will not ask how your day is or do things to make you happy he is not after a relationship with you.

8) He is proud to be with you. If he brags about you to his friends and wants you to meet his friends and family than the guy is a keeper.

9) You feel as if you are a dirty little secret. If he keeps you away from his friends, refuses to bring you to parties then he wants to keep you a secret. He sees you as someone for now and not someone he wants to have a relationship with.

10) He hangs onto every word that you say. If he brings up conversations or things that you have told him in he past, he is doing it because he wants you to see that he likes you. If he forgets everything you say than he is not intrested.

11) He is good with kids. If he talks about relationships, kids, marriage or even considers you in his future than you know he is ready for the real deal. If the subject of marriage or kids scares him than he is just looking for someone to have fun with for now.

12) Look at the time he calls you. If he calls you in the morning or afternoon he is calling you because is thinking of you. If he is calling you at night he wants to know how your day went. If he calls you in the middle of the night to come over he is looking for a booty call. Mr. Right wants to know everything is okay with you and make you see that he cares. Mr. Right now will only contact you when it is convient for him.

13) He is there when you need him. Mr. Right supports your dreams and will be there for the big moments. Mr. Right now will not cheer you on or give you support when you need it most.

14) Where is he on a Saturday night? If he is with you he is thinking of being in a relationship with you. If he is at a bar he is thinking of what girl he could hook up with for the night.

There are red flags when it comes to relationships. If there are a lot of red flags in the relationship that you are in than you are with Mr. Right now instead of Mr. Right. Before you enter a relationship know that you deserve to be with someone who makes you a priority and does not treat you like an option. Better youreslf and focus on someone who could give up a future and will not break up with you when something better comes along.

Is the guy you are seeing Mr. Right or Mr. Right now?

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