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The Difference That Exists Between Love And Lust

Updated on October 3, 2012

Paulynice, Roldens's pictures

The Disparity That exists Between Love And Lust by Roldens Paulynice is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.Based on a work at
The Disparity That exists Between Love And Lust by Roldens Paulynice is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.Based on a work at
Roldens Paulynice,  author of this article...
Roldens Paulynice, author of this article...

By Roldens Paulynice

When we think about love and lust, most people presumably say that the disparity that exists between them is the most discombobulated or confusing one because it requires a lot of careful scrutiny to know it. From my perspective, I think that recognizing this disparity can make them ascertain that it is the most conspicuous one that ever exists. Some people say that they are synonymous, but in reality, they are not because even though they have a lot of common characteristics, there's a lot of discrepancies that exist between them. Love is a profound, a passionate, or a natural affection for someone; it's also care, devotion, and respect, but lust is absolutely the contrary; it's an intense sexual desire.

Let start by discussing that love is a profound, a passionate, or a natural affection for someone, but lust is not. As many people know, profound affection is the most ultimate feeling that shines in people's hearts when they are in love. It can cause them to think and dream consistently about their partners. Some people who are in love often say that closing their eyes is one of the most appealing things that they can do because every time they do it, their partners are the first persons that they see; as result, it's hard for them to stay away from their partners. They often also say that because love is a natural feeling, it comes from Jesus. When they are in love, there's a transformation that effectuates in their souls and in their hearts that they are incapable of describing. They even think that their partners are the most amazing creatures that ever exist. But when people are in lust, the most dominant feeling that exists in their relationships is appeasing their sexual desires. Once they finish appeasing their needs, they don't even think or dream about their partners anymore because they don't really feel a natural, a profound, or a passionate feeling for their partners.

Love is care that someone has for his partner, but lust is not. When someone cares for his partner, he wants to sacrifice himself to satisfy his partner's needs. His partner's problems represent his problems. When his partner lives in an insupportable condition, he's affected mentally and physically. It can make him ponder how to solve the problem in order to remove his partner from it. If he can't find a way to solve the problem, he starts having physical problems, such as becoming skinny or sick. In a simple statement, he always shows his partner his compassion. But someone who's involved in a lusting relationship doesn't care for his partner consistently because he doesn't really feel a strong compassionate feeling for him or her. However, sometimes he may show his partner that he cares for her or him when he wants to appease his sexual need, but once he appeases his sexual desire, the moment of extortion begins. In a simple statement, someone who is in a lusting relationship cares for his partner temporarily, but one who is in a loving relationship cares for his partner unceasingly.

Love is respect, but lust is not. From my perspective, I think that the most crucial or significant characteristic that exists in a relationship is respect. When someone respects his partner, he treats him or her with a special consideration, a high regard, or a high esteem. Those characteristics can assist this relationship to flourish positively and to avoid some negative impacts in it. However, in a lusting relationship, respect doesn't show most of the time; consequently, the miss of respect causes that relationship to flourish negatively. The act of fighting, cheating, and using profanity plays a dominant role in it.

Love is devotion, but lust is not. Majority of educated people describes devotion as a predilection or a penchant that someone has to do something. In a loving relationship, it works the same way. When two people devote themselves to love each other, they do their best to show respect, compassion, tolerance, or a positive attitude toward each other. But as I have being telling you in the preceding paragraph, if a lusting relationship is characterized by fighting, using profanity, and cheating, those are the primary persuasive statements that can convince us to know that people who are in a lusting relationship don't devote themselves to love each other.

Lust is an intense sexual desire, which plays the most dominant role in a lusting relationship. When you are in lust with your partner, you just want to have sex with him or her without thinking about a future; as a result, not thinking about a future is detrimental to the relationship. But in a loving relationship, it's different. Even though sometime sexual desire exists in a loving relationship, it's not detrimental to the relationship because you also think about the future, you show respect, and you show your compassion to your partner. Those characteristics are essential to the relationship. They assist it to develop positively.

I strongly conclude that the disparity that exists between love and lust can assist us to know when we are in love and when we are in lust because most people think that they are in love; but in reality, they are not. It's essential for us to scrutinize our partner in order to know his or her intentions if we don't want to fall in a hot water. A lusting relationship is characterized and dominated by sexual or physical need that is not adequate for a true loving relationship. (Roldens Paulynice's Article).

Roldens Paulynice, author of this research, was born in December 24, 1990 in Gonaives, Haiti. He has published many short stories and essays, especially about relationship or love, literature review, education, and politics. Think before You Act and What Causes Many College Students to Fail or Drop out are two of his works that he likes the most. Fortunately, in February 2009, he had the chance to come to the United States, attended Glade Central High School, and graduated in May 2010 with a 3.08 GPA. In May 8, 2012, he graduated from Palm Beach State College with an Associate in Arts Degree. Right now, he is attending Florida Atlantic University, pursuing his BS in accounting and business administration. In the near future, he wants to become a CPA. Being a writer is something that he has certain zeal to become in his life, but right now, he is trying, hoping to become a famous one day. He is the author of Teenage Marriages Are Likely to End Unhappily, Think before You Act, What Causes Many College Students to Fail or Dropout, Many People Get Married for Foolish Reasons, An Essay about the Tell-Tale-Heart and The Black Cat, and many other works.

"Sometimes, we do some crazy stuffs when we love someone, but that doesn't mean that we are stupid. Love just simply makes us blind, and we are unable to follow what we want. However, our hearts and our souls choose to follow what they want while our bodies are unable to resist or to control this feeling. Sometimes, even though the one that our hearts and our souls want hurts us, we still can't stay away from that person because our hearts don't give us the chance to do that, and our hearts and our souls say yes even though sometimes our mouths say no. The heart is what we need to survive.We are obligated to please it. The soul directs the body to where it wants it .There's nothing we can do."
(Roldens Paulynice's quote.)


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