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The Erectile Dysfunction Conundrum

Updated on November 21, 2009

The ups and downs of penile problems

Diabetic men who profess that they can still enjoy and satisfy their partners are living in a delusional state. Some believe they are still provide sexual pleasures to their partners. But, can they really attest, truthfully, that their partners are as loving towards them as they once were? Do diabetic men often experience little things, such as, a sensuous touches, an erotic statements or outwardly intimate expressions from their partners?

Sure, partners might extend courteous behavior towards diabetic men, but the exciting thoughts of a spur-of-the-moment interlude has become a distant memory. Many female partners, of diabetic men, can be forced to distinguish their sexual desires and disavow any fun-filled sexual expectations. They know the only thing awaiting them is a cold, plastic device, and many prefer to avoid the situation entirely.

There are prescription drugs, on the market, that can help. But, most likely, diabetics will not receive the desired benefits from them. Many times, the desired results produce only semi-hard erections, or erections lasting just a few moments. Either way, the end result can be about as satisfying as an interlude with sex toys. Sure, you might get off, but any raging fire or after-glow, from the sexual activity, may be reduced to an 'okay' experience. For many partners of diabetic men, the enticing desire to initiate or enter into sexual activities has left the building.

Some partners of diabetic men take refuge in other activities. Sometimes these women delve into hobbies, sports, or careers. To some degree, these activities seem to satisfy their need for human contact and relationship. No, it is not equal to sexual satisfaction, but can provide warm and fuzzy feelings. Perhaps they exhaust themselves and their sexual drive through physical activities, such as exercising.

Many continue living their lives without sex because they are deeply committed to their diabetic partner. But, all too often, these women become disengaged from life and lose contact with their inner-selves. They allow lives to pass them by and learn to disconnect from their sexual desires.

Diabetic men can help to manage their diabetes through diet and exercise. They desire a loving relationship, but many prefer to sit back and do nothing to help themselves. Many blame their partners for being aloof or disinterested in sex. If a partner was a sensuous, sexual woman earlier on in the relationship, they probably haven't changed. A man's decreased libido, related to the effects of diabetes, and lack of interest to improve the situation can permanently destroy a healthy sex life. Unfortunately, it's easier to blame others for our failures, than to take personal responsibility.


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