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The Fairytale...

Updated on February 24, 2016
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A wife and mother who only wants to live with nothing more than happiness for my family. Nothing else in this world matters.

When we are little girls we hear stories of princes swooping down to save us from life. Knights in shinning armor that make everything evil melt away as if it never existed. Love is all about once upon a times and happily ever afters. Every little girl believes she will grow up to be a perfect, beautiful princess with no cares in the world. We won't have to lift a finger or work for anything because we have maids, servants, chariots and perfection in a gigantic castle that's all ours.
But somewhere around puberty the reality sets in. We haven't blossomed into anything like what the stories have told us. Boys are the farthest thing from Prince charming and finding love becomes an impossible quest...and this quest for love seems like a never ending rollercoaster ride of feelings and emotions. The highs of feeling like this could be Prince charming, then the lows of finding out he's your best friend's Prince charming on the side. It takes us weeks to get over it, and a couple weeks more to decide to get back on your noble steed and try again.
That's when suddenly it happens. Just when you think this is as good as life is going to be, and you'll have to settle for much less than Prince charming, this story throws you a plot twist. A gorgeous guy with dark hair and the most beautiful blue eyes comes walking your way. Just like that the whole world around you seems to be moving in slow motion, and with every step he is moving closer and closer to you. A warm but comfortable heat blankets your entire being. You cannot even think, you're warped to a state of dumb shock. It feels as though there is something in your throat the makes it hard to swallow. An awesome, yet uncomfortable, feeling in your stomach numbs you to your core. As you realize he has finally taken enough steps towards you, as much as you hope he says something you hope he doesn't all at the same time. You become fairly certain anything you try to sputter out of your mouth will be an incoherent mess of words that won't form a sentence. He is standing before you in this awkward meeting. No words come from his lips, just a beautiful smile and gentle nod of the head. But that was enough to be intrigued. You think to yourself,"This is the man I am going to marry." Is Love at first sight possible? It didn't matter because you knew what you felt. This was much different than anything you had ever felt before. At that very moment you knew you were back on that noble steed.
The time spent becomes the happiest you've ever been in life. All the colors of the world you've seen your whole life are now ten times brighter. You want to be a better person only because he inspires you to be. Every minute spent with him only makes you crave him more when you can't be together. He is your first and last thoughts of the day. All the problems you've faced in life that were draining you of all you are, well, they just don't matter now. Everything is perfect. You have found your lover and your best friend.
As you shift to the next chapter. in your story, your wedding is over and your life as one has begun. You struggle with stresses of life. Kids, school meetings, work, bills, budgets, the reality that if anything could go wrong in life it will. Bickering over things that shouldn't be, pointing fingers, then apologies, hugs and kisses. There's no time in your hectic lives to stop and appreciate what brought you both together. In a haze of playdates and parties, family gatherings and holidays you seem to forget about the bond you share. You go through every single day like a robot with daily tasks just assuming the other knows not only what you think and feel, but that you still love them.
One night you're laying in bed after another crazy day and you look over to see he's already fallen asleep. As you lay there awake, watching him sleep. You are suddenly washed away like an ocean wave breaking on the shore. Every single memory comes rushing back and you're brought through the memories in slow motion and in reverse. The flashbacks stop at the memory of him walking up to you that first day you met. You smile, because it just hit you after 13 years of life and marriage. He has always been your Prince charming and knight in shinning armor.
It may not have been the fairytale you expected. But he saved you from loneliness and became your best friend. He was there to pick you up when you fell. He wiped the tears and became your strength. He may mess up along the way but he's always admitted his mistakes. He holds the key to your heart and will protect it from anyone or anything. So the story goes, "Once upon a time I found my Prince. Together we build this life. For better or worse in sickness and health from now until the day I die. I promise, I do, to live happily ever after...with you.

© 2016 Danielle Green


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Love a great fairy tale :-)

    • profile image

      Susan McSweeney 

      2 years ago

      I enjoyed reading this story. Very well written.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Very well done. This Prince sounds like an extremely lucky guy


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