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The Feminist Gestapo And Their Censorship Of Men And Women

Updated on October 7, 2016

Feminist Censorhip: Calgary Comic Expo 2015


Why is it so important for feminists to censor dissenting views or positions that do not conform to their ideology? Feminism is built on half-truths and lies, so when someone calls them out on their falsehoods and distortions, censorship is their automatic reaction. It does not even matter if you are female and you voice dissent, big sister will get you. This brings me to yet another incident in the ongoing saga of feminist censorship.

Recently the Honey Badger Brigade attended the Calgary Comic Expo in Canada to promote their comic art and creative expression. This is one of the largest comic expos in North America. The group of mostly women, have been very supportive of men’s issues and men’s rights, but also produce a lot of comic art and were simply attending to share their art at the request of their fans. Everything was going along well at the expo until the Honey Badgers answered questions during a panel discussion on women in comics. A feminist asked an open question to the audience enquiring how they felt about female creative expression in comics and “men’s rights activist types”. With the feminists permission Honey Badger Alison Tieman responded to that question. Alison’s response to that is below or alternatively please see time point 18:30 of a recording linked here of the whole panel discussion:

Honey Badger Alison Tieman's Response

Honey Badger Alison Tieman's Account Of The Expo Incident

A Further Discussion Of The Expo Incident By Alison Tieman

Honey Badgers Sage Gerard And Mike Stephenson Give Their Account Of The Expo Incident

Honey Badger Official Press Statement On The Calgary Expo

The result for daring to question feminism-Alison is now permanently banned from all Canadian comic expo’s and the Honey Badgers were kicked out of the event. To learn more about this story see this AVFM article, this Breitbart article and watch the adjacent videos of Alison Tieman’s accounts of the fiasco and a discussion of the incident by fellow Honey Badgers Sage Gerard and Mike Stephenson. It should also be noted that contrary to claims by some comic “journalists”, the Honey Badgers are not an affiliate or subsidiary of A Voice For Men. Frankly I find the level of dishonesty and distortion of this incident by some media outlets truly disgusting. I know I should not be surprised, but frankly I am left wondering how these so-called “journalists” sleep at night. I am guessing the logic is that if you repeat lies frequently enough, then people will believe them. Of course lack of journalistic ethics is nothing new to those involved in GamerGate, which was started partly in response to the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of feminist journalists in the gaming industry. All I can suggest to people is to fact check, fact check, fact check and fact check some more. Do not take the media and their articles at face value.

This type of feminist bullying and censorship has happened before. We have seen the feminist gestapo tactics in the Atheist movement, with Donglegate and recently with GamerGate. Then there are the three classic instances of feminist disruption and silencing of men’s issues events run by the Canadian Association For Equality. There was the feminist disruption of Dr. Warren Farrell’s lecture, then Prof. Katherine Young and Prof. Paul Nathanson’s lecture and Prof. Janice Fiamengo’s lecture. All of these events happened at universities where freedom of expression and rational debate are supposedly valued and encouraged. Then there was the feminist witch-hunt against Sage Gerard, who dared to start a non-feminist men’s issues group on Kennesaw State University campus in the United States. This has happened at other universities as well. I would recommend people watch Institutions Of Higher Indoctrination to grasp what feminism has become.

Even if you identify as a feminist you will be attacked for daring to speak contrary to feminist ideology. Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers is a feminist that really is “not like that” and is a genuine advocate for gender equity. Sommers recently came under attack from feminists at her lectures at Oberlin College and Georgetown University, with some of the feminist idiots even going as far as accusing her of being a rape supporter. Please see this article for the full story. I have enormous respect for Sommers and fully support her. Where oh where are the feminists that are supposedly not like that? Why are they not out in force supporting Sommers? This is why the “not all feminists are like that” line (NAFALT) is not a justified defence. Doing nothing while good people are slandered and attacked in the name of feminism and blurting out the NAFALT line, is not a valid excuse for individual feminists or the feminist movement.

As you can see, feminist bullying is nothing new and is a well established and regular pattern of behaviour. So back onto the subject of the Honey Badgers expo incident. I have another series of questions that I want to send out to all the white knights of the world and all those male feminists. A group of female comics were kicked out of an expo (along with their male colleagues) and one was permanently banned, basically because they voiced an opinion that feminists disagreed with. Where oh where are the male feminist white knights now? Where are those silverback apes beating their chests to protect the womenz like the useful idiots that they are? Oh that’s right, you only support women’s rights when it increases your social status and perceived mating value. You are spineless hypocrites. We know it, you know it and the feminists know it and use it to their advantage.

Institutional control and social hysteria are the primary weapons feminists use to silence dissenters. It is truly amazing that the moment a woman says something feminists don’t like, they tread on women’s rights to shut them up. Stunning hypocrisy, absolutely stunning. I am glad to see though, that there has been a recent groundswell of support for Alison and the Honey Badgers by their fans and supporters (see this video) in defiance of the feminist tactics. All of the Honey Badgers have my support. Nonetheless feminism has deeply rooted control in many private organisations, governments, academic institutions and media outlets which we should not underestimate or forget. Feminists in influential positions can and have used their influence to censor people, blacklist people, publicly defame and slander people, get people fired and distort the legal system and politics. When your ideology is based on half-truths and lies, fear, intimidation, censorship, ostracism and blackmail need to be used to keep everyone in line. Feminists don’t need a gun to keep dissenters quiet, just power and influence in the right places.

A Summary Of GamerGate And Feminist Con-Artistry In Gaming

#Gamergate: When Feminists And Gamers Collide

This Is What Feminist "Art" And "Entertainment" Looks Like

Feminism has an agenda and it is increasingly seeking to undermine freedom of speech and freedom in general under the guise of equality. That track record is now well established not just in North America, but around the globe. I was not going to write about GamerGate primarily because I see the feminist involvement as a deliberate attempt by feminists to create a problem to complain about and thought it was best to simply ignore it. But now I feel compelled to say at least something. After all, wouldn’t it be good if people could actually entertain themselves online without some feminist idiot screaming misogyny or thrusting their agenda into their video games? If I play a game online, I do not want to see feminists, listen to feminists, talk to feminists, think about feminists or see their propaganda in my online games. Gaming should be an agenda free zone. If I wanted to get re-educated and brainwashed I would go to North Korea. I hear dictator Kim Jong-un is a feminist and you know what they say about like attracting like.

What people need to understand, is that feminists are running out of things to complain about in the Western world to justify their funding and support. So now what we have are professional victims and con-artists attempting to hoodwink the public into throwing money at the never ending chase to catch the patriarchal bogeymen. I will not name the feminist individuals at the centre of GamerGate, simply because I don’t want to give them attention. The whole thing is hot air based on stirring up social hysteria and is fuelled by feminist social justice hypocrites that make a living out of being offended. They have the media to help peddle their con-artistry and the ignorance of the general public who believe anything they are told. It is a great business model.

Here is an actual example of how their scams work. Conjure up a death threat, cancel a university lecture on women and misogyny in gaming, cry misogyny and play victim, complain to the media about it, cultivate your victim status and then watch the money and the supporter’s role in. I am almost at a point now where I want to clap my hands in applause and praise feminists. If the public really is stupid enough to fall for feminist propaganda, then ripping people off and peddling nonsense might actually be a community service. At least you are making people pay a fee for being wilfully stupid and ignorant sheep. I am being sarcastic of course.

Dr. Matt Taylor Lands A Probe On A Comet Then Feminist Idiots Freak Out Over His Shirt

10 Hours Of "Harassment" Of A Woman In New York

A Critical Analysis By Stardusk Of The "Harassment" Video

A Message From Honey Badger Karen Straughan To The Media

Here are two examples in the adjacent videos to showcase where all of this feminist nonsense is leading to and the mass idiocy it encourages. A man successfully accomplishes the feat of landing a probe on a comet travelling in deep space at thousands of kilometres an hour and the best the feminists clowns can come up with is to attack the man for wearing a shirt they don’t approve of. Or how about the viral feminist video of a woman spending ten hours walking around the streets in New York getting "harassed". It interesting to note that they never bothered to reverse the experiment and see if women harass men. They get less than one minute and fifty six seconds of men mostly saying hello or giving her compliments, a handful of instances of inappropriate comments and behaviour in a dodgy neighborhood and then conveniently omit the remaining nine hours fifty eight minutes and four seconds of the experiment from the video. The filmmakers then portray this social experiment as evidence of a widespread systemic problem of men harassing women. This is how you build up social hysteria to sell a desired narrative and agenda. It is almost too stupid to write about. However we should not just simply dismiss this stupidity and pass it off as nothing. These are just two examples of many illustrating an ongoing and growing effort by feminists to use the media and online communications platforms, to police and control every aspect of people’s behaviour and ostracise individuals or groups, particularly men. This is feminist social engineering.

Let’s be honest here. Feminism would not have any traction at all if society actually bothered to fact check their claims and had the collective spine to call them out on their nonsense. Here is something for people to consider. You can sit back and do nothing whilst feminists go to further and further lengths to police freedom of expression and regulate behaviour and society. Eventually there is going to come a time when feminists will cross a line with you, but by then it will be too late for you to do anything. Sitting back and doing nothing is exactly how to let totalitarian ideologies take over society. Make no mistake, feminism has an idealistic worldview and does not think anything of treading on your rights to make that worldview a reality. It does not matter whether you are male or female. Where is your line in the sand? Feminism has already crossed mine.

On a closing note the elephant in the room once again of course, is the culpability of the mainstream media in enabling feminist censorship and thought policing. We don’t have a free press in the West anymore. What we do have is a mainstream media run by several corporations with an agenda. With that said you may want to watch a message from Honey Badger Karen Straughan in the adjacent video above, in response to the media’s culpability in the fiasco that unfolded with the Honey Badger Brigade at the Calgary Expo in 2015. Feminism is funded by and has the support of the establishment, make no mistake about it.

As 2015 closes, feminism is now going to war against free speech and making moves by lobbying the UN and national governments, to silence anyone who disagrees with their views and criticises them. Criticising the inherent flaws in someone else's views or criticising people for their bigoted conduct and beliefs, is not cyberbullying. Using a false narrative of victimhood to infringe on freedom of speech, certainly is bullying and feminists are certainly guilty of that. This is how fascism takes hold in society. I want people to imagine a world where it is illegal to question anything feminists say or do. That is the world feminists want to engineer by using the government and particularly international organisations like the UN, to enforce their thought policing online. This is George Orwell's 1984 and this is the world feminists have in store for society. You have been warned.

Feminists Are Now Appealing To The UN To Censor Criticism And Free Speech


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  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Australia

    The censorship has been ramping up recently. Why are they so scared of words? A few MGTOW and MRA YouTube channels have gone offline. ManWomanMyth, Neounplugged, MayorOfMGTOWN and ironically TruthOverEverything have all been hit. Feminists seem to believe this will make a difference. They do not seem to realise how the internet works and how content can be mirrored and shared. But let us just say they got their way and completely silenced all dissent online. People are coming to their own conclusions in opposition to feminism independently of what the men's movement or online MGTOW community say on the internet or elsewhere. All we are doing is accelerating the inevitable decline of what is undoubtedly one of the greatest scams in human history-Ideological feminism.

  • Darkproxy profile image


    3 years ago from Ohio

    Well said they can't keep lying unopposed if they can't cover their tracks.


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