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The Final Goodbye (being heartbroken again)

Updated on December 15, 2013

Welcome Readers

This article is for men and women who have said their final goodbyes to a person that they loved. I know that you maybe feeling like your not exactly single yet and waiting for some sign from the other person that this relationship is worth fighting for. I'm here to remind my readers that break-ups are never easy and always end badly. Someone is always hurt. Although they happen for a reason. Ever heard the saying "it just wasn't meant to be." As hard as it is to accept it is true not every relationship is meant to be. In fact 90% of the relationships you enter into will not last. Does that mean your wasting your time and life? To me their is no such thing because through your failure you gain knowledge and experience about yourself and what you want in life. Now after a break-up you start to feel numb, void, almost dead inside. The pain keeps replaying in your mind and you desperately want to shut it off then move on. In short you don't feel like yourself anymore. I have some advice and need to know tips that can help you transition back to feeling happy and more like yourself. For the record, I am not a medical professional and my advice shouldn't be taken over a medical professional. My advice comes from experience, knowledge gained over reading certain types of books, and of course from actually putting this advice to use. With that being said let me get started then! Please don't leave nasty comments or hateful comments at the bottom of the page as those will be deleted. Feedback either positive or negative that is polite and with good intent is highly respected and appreciated. Thank you.


Advice Tip #1

Now lets start at the moment you knew it was the final goodbye. You know for a fact that their just is too much broken damage between the two of you to fix it. Now for a little while you may not feel the hurt or loneliness because right now anger is shielding you from it. Once that shield is gone you will start to feel the hurt and loneliness creep in. You might actually if you don't get control of it reach out to the other person just for attention or do something you will regret just for the purpose of trying to hurt that person. To avoid this you need to remember that you broke up for a reason. Remember that enough is enough and you deserve better. Look at yourself in the mirror and know that you can have anyone you really wanted and don't have to settle for anyone. Especially someone who was full of lies and bullshit. Or who used you. You have to remember why you are so awesome. You need to say positive things about yourself. You need to look sexy. You need to smile and laugh. This doesn't mean go out and get with someone else right away. Your not ready yet believe me. Although talking to other people can boost your confidence and keep you from thinking about being hurt.


Advice Tip #2

With that being said the worse thing you can do is run from your feelings. Or try to hide them. That just makes the problem get bigger and bigger. So my advice tip is to address how you feel and embrace it. Yes it will hurt and yes you are hurt. That doesn't make you weak, or stupid for feeling how you feel. Your human, humans are full of emotions. Just don't waddle in your sorrow. Don't let it control you. Give yourself some time to cry or think about it then let it go. The best way to do it is to give yourself a time limit. Say okay for 1 hour I'm going to get out these emotions and be sad. Then that's it. Then go back to thinking positive. Everyday make the time shorter and shorter. Until you don't need to do it anymore.


Advice Tip #3

This is a very important step in your recovery! At this point your almost completely healed and your ex may make an attempt to talk to you again. Or have someone else do it to keep tabs on you. My advice tip is to rid yourself of all personal, business, or any connection you have to this person. Now if you have children with them that's different. You just need to rid yourself of all ways that negatively keep you involved. This is a big step for recovery because it is mentally telling your mind it's time to take out the trash. You are getting rid of those things that remind you of this person. Which is important and you should feel proud of yourself. This includes people too. You don't want to continue to carry that baggage around.


Advice #4

My last final advice is to get out there and enjoy your life. You don't need punish yourself forever by being alone. You do deserve to be happy! So go out there and enjoy your life. Remember how much fun you can have just by being open to doing something you haven't done in awhile. Forget your past and focus on the future. Focus on you. Enjoy yourself!


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