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The First Couple: How Romantic!

Updated on May 11, 2011

Do you think President & Mrs. Obama make a cute couple?

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Malia & Sasha's Parents

I consider myself to be a very open minded person, but I saw the most shocking thing last night. I turned on my television and there it was. I changed the channel and that station was showing it too. I just couldn't believe my eyes. Though outraged, I continued to watch.

I'm appalled at how openly in love the first couple is. How dare Michelle and Barack Obama love each other that much? The way they looked at each other when they were dancing? The kisses? After eight years of George and Laura, America isn't ready to see that degree of passion, friendship and pride. If they keep that business up, I don't know how I'll get through the next four years.

Truthfully, I love watching the first couple interact because its so clear how much they love each other. Since Obama placed his bid for the presidency, I've loved watching him speak just to watch Michelle react. You can tell how genuinely proud of him she is no matter what he does. I happened to see a portion of the year long (Okay. It didn't last a year, but there were so many marching bands and other acts that it seemed to never end.) Inauguration Parade. The camera kept catching the Obamas when they were off guard. At one point, Michelle started to laugh at one of the bands. She pointed it out to her husband who started to laugh too. Though I suppose this wasn't appropriate behavior for them considering the amount of practice that the bands must've had to endure in order to be ready for the parade, I love that they had this reaction. (How many times do you point something out to your partner or friend in humor that you probably shouldn't, but is too funny to pass up?) They are still human beings, untouched, yet, by stinky, messy politics.

In interviews, whenever Mrs. Obama is asked about the first time she met Barack, she makes it clear that she didn't see him as her Prince Charming, but more as a persistent nerd. Though the President seemed to hear bells when he first saw Michelle, it took her awhile to go out on a date with him. She credits seeing him speak at a community organization meeting as the event that made her have feelings for him. Seeing them together now, it's hard to imagine a time when they didn't love each other.

Their extreme love for each other overflows onto their children, Malia and Sasha. Whether it's taking them to school or escorting them from the Capital, they beam when they look at their children. They proudly hold their hands and hug them. In interviews, they speak about their children as if they are the most unique, brilliant children to ever be born. The girls are very lucky to have such hip, loving parents. When their Mom states that the children come first, you know that they do. When their Dad promises to keep them as much out of the limelight as he can, you know that they will have as normal a life in the White House as possible. When Malia and Sasha look at their parents, they must see how much Michelle and Barack care for each other. While it may be gross to them now, one day, they will be thankful that had such an amazing model of what married life should look like.

It is inevitable that the first couple will be affected by their new life. Barack will travel too much. He'll always be on call. He'll miss events in the girls' lives. He'll forget to do some of the romantic things he used to do for Michelle. It will be interesting to see what kind of a couple they are in four years. Yet, I think that they can last. When Barack, the husband, lets her down, I know that Barack, the fist bumping friend, will smooth things out. Though the pressures will be many and the romance levels might fluctuate, they will always have that strong, comforting friendship. With a woman like Michelle behind him, I truly believe that President Obama can serve his country well.


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    • Nikgigmatc profile image

      Nikgigmatc 9 years ago

      it truley is wonderful to see that our new first couple is so happy and loving together and towards thier children. I do so hope that their love will blossom and spring forth through the country to all of us. They truely are remarkable and we are lucky to have them leading our country.

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal

      You´re absolutely right, their love and complicity it was (and as been as you said) in front of everyone`s eyes to see. I recall laughing when Obama (who had his hand over the bible which was in his wife hands) distracts himself from what it was supposed to say and he stand there waiting for the other guy to repeat those words again. The way they both laugh at that moment made me realize that there´s no way they could be faking their love.

      BTW, welcome to Hubpages ;-)