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The First Time Always Creates Eternal Memories

Updated on May 12, 2012

Often, the "coming of age", means the first time you had intimate relationships with the opposite sex, but nowadays, it might mean same sex, also. But it also means experiencing something that you have never experienced in some manner. It can be as simple as a word or as complex as dating or having sex. Whatever it is, that moment is forever embedded into soul and essence forever. Every human being on earth has them and in moments of reflection, are carried like a magic carpet back to that time and place. It can often be a grounding experience for those who are down the trodden path of life.

First, there is a kiss. You know, in its simplest form, the peck on the cheek or lips that whizzes by so fast after what seems to be an eternal summation of will power to act upon. That magical moment when lips meet or cheek and lips meet. There is zing and zap. Tingling. There is more embarrassment than enjoyment. Yet, its impact is life long. For me, that moment was when I was in 5th grade. Vicky and Teresa both had a crush on me. I never had problems with finding girls who were interested in me. The term usually girls used for me were, "cute". So, there we were in Austin, TX, in the summer and washing cars for money. The girls conducted their quiet seduction very subtly, so subtle, I was totally clueless. The odd thing was, they were my best friends. We did not look upon each other in the same way. Both girls tried to impress me somehow, to which, I was oblivious to. After the car was washed, Teresa seemed to have sensed I favored Vicky, a brunette with big brown eyes and "very nice". That is when Teresa dared me, "I bet you a dollar you are too chicken to kiss Vicky", she said out of the blue. I tried to ignore it. Vicky just looked at me with "those" eyes. I kept washing the damn car. Teresa turned off the water. She had upped the ante and repeated the dare. I turned and looked at them, "sure I can", I blurted out (I know this sounds like a scene out of movie, but it is not). Teresa, sometimes, I wished would just shut up. Then, Teresa countered, "Then do it. It will only take a second". Vicky said nothing-was this a conspiracy!!!! Damn! I felt like running, I was being cornered by my two best female friends who both liked me for more than just friends. I just stood there speechless. The seconds seemed eternal. Teresa grew impatient, " Thought so, you're chicken". Vicky finally said something, " Ah, it's Okay". We smiled. I tried some diversionary tactics, like, " turn on the water, I need to get the soap off". Teresa was resolute. She stood there, blond hair shimmering in the light, with this shit-grin.

The moment finally arrived. We all know it. That moment you simply want yet dread because you have never done it before. Now it was your time. Now, after all the built up nerve from your soul, you must, once and for all, bite the bullet and do it, success or not. You must try.

The stare down ended as I quickly walked up to Vicky and quickly kissed her. I blanked out. I don't recall if I had kissed her on the cheek or the lips. It was a peck, a flash, less than a millisecond. Knowing myself, the mouth and lips were quite a formidable hurdle to overcome in 5th grade, so I doubt if the impact zone was there. The whole dare was over. Teresa gave me a smile. Vicky was blushing but in a good way. She liked it. I liked it. As quick as it was, the traumatic event seemed like nothing, nevertheless, I hopped on my bike and zoomed down the street to Carl's house.

I was so zapped and zinged at that first time. It would not be the last. No dares would be needed.


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