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The Gift of Marriage

Updated on February 14, 2013

Your beauty shines so radiant,

Oh precious bride in love,

Such happiness this day brings,

Sent especially from above.

With years ahead of those unseen,

A life that’s filled, so new and bright,

Take care to keep on building,

Remember within you His light

To guide and help you daily,

On this journey given you,

The part you play is special,

True love will shine on through.

Young man, your day has come now,

A dawning in your life,

Your eyes are filled with glory,

As they rest upon your wife.

Such joy you’ve found in her,

And the meaning does unfold,

As Truth is slowly shown,

God’s grace is yours to hold.

He’s given you life’s value,

His gift is yours to send,

So edify at all times,

And love will never end.

True love is patient, it is kind,

Love does not envy, nor is blind

Love is not rude, nor does it lie,

Love never fails, true love is wise …

True Commitment
True Commitment

Now as you leave your parents,

And are united from two to one,

A love that is so precious,

For it cannot be undone.

You see … with Jesus at the centre

Love will not ever fail

For with Jesus loving you,

True love will always prevail …

© J.M.Smith 1992


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