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The Girl Language Translator

Updated on April 28, 2015

Ever wondered what she really meant...

This compilation of hidden messages is for any men or women that care to read about them. "The Girl Language Translator" is being put together so that if your curious to know the true meaning behind our sometimes vague and evasive responses, then it is about to be available to you.

Once again as I always say about anything I write, this is not across the board thinking and feeling, so nothing is to taken as if I am talking about EVERY SINGLE WOMAN. We are all very different creatures and have lead different lives. Most of the following examples are coming from my own personal knowledge of my own quirks and other women I know. These little 'quirks' of mine, have become obvious to me or those I have dated. You can only hide your true thoughts and feelings so long. So, I think it's better to be honest so I am putting forth an effort not to fall back to these...

Scenario #1

Guy: "I am going to go out for a few drinks tonight. with the guys..."

Girl: "Okay, I don't care..."

*Hint one, saying you "do not care" is a tell that usually one does in some degree or another. More than likely she wants you around but doesn't want to seem needy or controlling and tell you, so instead the comment, I don't care comes about. Maybe you two had plans and you forgot so she is irritated but doesn't want to fight? Either way. I would just ask, "you sure" or "what's up?" to try to see what is going on with that response before letting anything escalate over a possible misunderstanding.

Fighting isn't healthy or fun, always try and reconcile and end conflict to better your relationship.

Scenario #2

Girl: "I know we were planning on Italian but I have sudden urge for Mexican. Does that work for you?"

EVERYONE, here is the quickest, easiest advice you will ever get from me, say yes. The quickest way to make a woman happy, at least a woman like me, is to fill my sudden urges. Especially when it comes to my stomach. Ignore the reservations at the Italian joint and go with a great Mexican restaurant.

Scenario #3

Your girlfriend/fiancé/wife etc. is going out of town for vacation, a visit to relatives (not considered a vacation, lol) or for work. Before she leaves she says one last thing "Whatever you do, do not forget to, _____________. It is VERY important."

This means, you can get away with a lot while I am gone, a dirty house, lots of pizza and boy's nights, and I can deal with that. However, if this one thing isn't remembered all hell will break loose. Whenever a woman says, "VERY important" or "do not forget" pull out your sharpie, post-it, notepad, cell phone, lap top, WHATEVER and make sure you remember this, for less arguments and bickering in the future.

Scenario #4

This example was pointed out to me as a tell of mine in my last relationship. Although I am slightly hesitant to share it, due to my desire to occasionally hide how I feel so I can be somewhat mysterious and questionable. I do think bringing this to the forefront for myself and any other women that do this is a good thing though. Because hiding how you feel isn't a good thing, being open about our emotions is far better.

Anytime my ex would ask me about something and I said "I'm fine," "it's fine" or any variation using the word "fine." That word seems so odd to me now, so vague and evasive. What does fine mean anyway? It's not a feeling I want to experience often. He noticed though, that whenever I used the word "fine" in any manner I was not near "fine." He quickly caught on to this so during conversations he'd ask me a question and my quick, back up reply of "I'm fine." Was followed with, "You're fine? Okay, what's wrong?" And I hadn't even realized I had said it, it was almost unconscious!

Scenario #5

Random person asks you and your partner openly... "Are you going to go to the after party at so and so's?

Girl looks at guy.... "do you want to go? we don't have to go."

Guy: "We can go if you want to."

Girl: "It's fine we don't have to go."

My advice, unless seriously opposed to the idea, I would go because it is obvious she wants to but doesn't want to be bossy, she would rather you say you'd like to go to make it easier.


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      6 years ago

      Excellent. ..I figured these out a while ago and you just confirmed it:-)

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      10 years ago



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