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The Goddess Effect

Updated on July 31, 2019
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I have always been the type of person that likes to help people. We did this study to help the average woman.

The Average Woman Doesn't Realize The Power She Has

When the average woman enters an establishment, in this case a bar, she is usually there to find companionship. If she sees a beautiful woman in the room she immediately begins to feel inadequate. She feels as if she just fades into the woodwork. This couldn't be less true. Her problem is that she feels inferior. She is actually intimidated by other women's looks. She is not aware of the fact that the other woman knows she is beautiful and that she has her standards set so high that not many men could reach. Not only that, she has developed an attitude of superiority that, in itself, turns people away. If a man doesn't meet her standards, she won't give him the time of the day. If the woman that just entered the bar knew all of this she would feel as if she was on an equal (if not higher) playing field.

Our Study

We performed an extensive “on site” 3 year study which was performed by a male and female team. This was performed at 3 locations and revealed that many women have perfected some “attention getting” techniques. This got a HUGE AMOUNT of mens attention. These women outperformed what most men would refer to as the better looking women. We worked alone most of the time at separate ends of the bar. We recorded our notes and, at times, we recorded conversations with people without them knowing. Before they left the bar we asked for their consent for legal reasons. When we got together the next day we combined our notes. We did this once or twice each week for 3 years. We actually could have come to the same conclusion after only one year but we wanted the largest variety of locations and times available.

The Techniques That Change The Game

When these women entered the room they didn't care how many beautiful looking women were there. They had a look of confidence that could be seen in their eyes! This, being a very enticing quality alone, wasn't their only quality. They were also smiling and talking with everyone like they had never met a stranger. It wasn't long before we were drawn in by their laughter. We weren't the only ones because it wasn't long before they were surrounded by a group of happy, laughing people. We watched a man that was talking to one of the "supposedly" beautiful women leave to be with the fun group. We also saw that he got one of these ladies phone numbers! One of the "supposedly" beautiful women actually got very angry, slammed her glass down, and cursed as she stormed out of the bar. THIS is one of the main differences between the two type of women. One woman is secure in her looks alone and expects her looks alone to get her what she wants. The other woman is secure in HERSELF. She loves herself and those around her. She is confident and happy even when a man she wants turns her away. We saw this and a few weeks later she bumped into that very same man and smiled and started a conversation with him. We believe it's the self confidence in oneself that brings the most power to the table. Being happy with who you are comes very close. Or do you need to be happy with yourself to obtain high self confidence? In either case these make you stand out from the others and watched by more men than you are aware of!

Our Conclusion

Outwardly beautiful people will almost always catch a persons attention at first. True beauty is more of an essence that is built on friendliness, happiness, and definitly self confidence. This study was aimed towards people that were looking for a relationship rather than a one night stand. When questioned, men seeking a relationship are looking for an interesting, self sufficient, and confident partner. They want someone that is happy within themselves and have their own interests and not have the job of being their only source of happiness.
We found that age and weight wasn't a major contributing factor to a degree. Older and heavier women did MUCH better knowing these techniques than many of the younger and slimmer women that didn't.


We found that "beauty" is different to each individual. The "outward" beauty is short lived while the "inner beauty" remains for life.

EVERY woman has something special about them that they can embellish to make their beauty more noticeable.

Being happy within yourself and having high self confidence makes you smile more and also makes you a friendlier person. THIS in itself is the way of obtaining the Goddess Effect!

The Tools You Need

We created a non-profit website dedicated to educating women. Learn how to be self confident, happy, and being safe while going on a date. There is actually a lot of topics covered that haven't been mentioned here. was made with the intention of letting all women know that they are beautiful, if they would just let it show!


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