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The Gods are furious at times, mankind is brutal, who will save us?

Updated on July 3, 2015

Seeds of caution and grace in my life.


The Gods are furious at times, mankind is brutal, who will save us?

The Gods get furious at times, mankind is brutal. Who

will save us? ‎

being faithful to our spouses would solve most

of the ills of society, let us restore the family unit.‎

Each Man needs a pure women, together we may‎

walk righteous path.

What would have happened if Michael Jackson

became president?

The world would have been a better place.

Children would have been taken care of by their.


There would have been zero tolerance to domestic


Human rights would be of the highest morality.

Should Tupac Mr Shakur have ‎been President

of the United States of America, the nation

Of the black americans would rise up.

The Black Panthers.

Perhaps the white imperialists would be kicked

out of America.

Should I become President, women would be


A women would keep her surname when a child

is born.

Bringing a child into the world is by unreasonable

doubt the greatest gift, to mankind no matter

what the circumstances.

When a Soul carnates into the earth, the angels

and those that laid the path before us rejoice.

Let us be thankful for our life.

The Gods get furious. ‎

Nature is Gods beautiful creation.

Human beings have intellect and wisdom.

Volcanoes erupt, land slides displace thousands

of villages at a time.

Earth quacks displace houses and our high ways.

Tsunamis and huge tidal waves have become

more c‎ommon.


Famine and poverty are a direct result of

mankind's ‎ greed.

Wars that are fought over the earth's natural


What is a noble cause to die for, your country.

Long after you are deceased the government will

be waging a new war.


The world as we know it today.

The sun is the dawn of a brand new day.

The moon is the light of the night.

Thus we know what is day and night.

The earth with its rivers and lush vegetation.

The ocean with its waves supreme glory.

Nature is majestic with its variety of species

game and various wild life.

Let us keep dreaming, and shape a better

brighter tomorrow ‎for a cosier more advanced

life for those that come after us.

Let us be happy with what we have now.

Let us cherish our loved ones leaving no room

for regret.

Let us be mindful and know that our actions have

consequences, can you live with your choices?


GodsPoet Nkosi‎

Nkosinathi Ncala

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