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The Honeydo List

Updated on May 25, 2009

May could be the longest list

In Canada, we celebrated our May 24th holiday one week earlier this year and the weather on that weekend wasn't very good. In the USA, Memorial Day was celebrated on the 25th. On the Saturday, in Ontario, our golf course was just about empty and jammed from 6:30 am to about 4:00 on the starting tee on the Sunday. Upon questioning a lot of golfers and using my powers of deductive reasoning, I came up with this theory and so many of the customers agreed that it was indeed very sound.

The May 24th long weekend locally is normally the weekend that everyone goes to the garden centers and shops for plants and other stuff for the garden and the entire weekend is dedicated to planting same along with many other jobs that the little woman will delegate on that weekend. This is called the Honeydo list for those that don't already know what I am talking about. "Honey do this and honey do that, and then Honey can you do this and honey do that.................."

Since the previous long weekend was not right for planting and the one concurrent with Memorial Day weekend was very nice, it became apparent why Saturday was so quiet at the golf course. The Sunday customers confirmed how crazy it was at the garden centers. The Sunday morning players had to get home to finish the job and the Sunday afternoon players somehow snuck away from the Saturday and Sunday planting fiesta. We all agreed that the long weekend in May could easily be the time when the Honeydo list is at its maximum length since there has been a whole winter to plan what needs to be done.

With this experience, I have to wonder if the weekend after Memorial Day in the USA would be the same. Are the golf courses magically almost empty on Saturday, just like the afternoon of Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day? Did you also know that Mothers Day is the busiest day of the year for long distance calls and Fathers Day is the busiest day of the year for collect long distance calls? No surprise there!

Other statements that were mentioned were "a happy wife means a happy life" and we also discussed negotiation skills with the lady of the house with respect to ways to ensure that one could get to golf with the boys. Completion of tasks on the Honeydo list seemed to be one of the better ways to ensure that the foursome would not be reduced to a lesser number.

Interestingly enough, there was the usual number of threesomes and maybe a few more twosomes that were booked as foursomes. Seems that those players couldn't play because their Honeydo list was enlarged at the last minute. I was quite amazed at how many of these groups just nodded in agreement because it was a correct assumption.

One customer said to a younger player (who did not know what we meant regarding the Honeydo list) that he should listen to my sound advice. The younger player is a newlywed and still under the assumption that he shares equally in his marriage. Time and a number of Honeydo lists will teach him otherwise.


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