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The Illusive Dream

Updated on October 13, 2015

As I drifted off to sleep

a shadow came into view

we stood in a sea of fog

moist from the morning dew.

The October air was crisp and clean

first blush of day appeared

and as the fog scattered away

I saw you crystal clear.

Memories danced about my head

and as I caught your stare

I was filled with a flood of emotions

that was more than I could bear.

Although we never married

in my heart I felt it so

but when you bent on one knee

it hurt to tell you ‘no’.

It was not a lack of interest

in our intimate life

that caused me to withdraw

from my duties as a wife.

I really wanted to please you

in every single way

but continued to fall short

that eventually led you astray.

I suggested that we take a break

but you insisted ‘no’

you convinced me that our path was solid

and so I let it go.

I became the subject

of taunting episodes

that caused me to withdraw

and my heart began to erode.

I felt I never measured up

to your expectations

no matter how hard I tried

you proved your lack of patience.

Cyber and public flirtations

proved your lack of respect

and with the passing of time

I became a nervous wreck.

I once thought you were perfect

perfect, just for me

I considered your behavior

and decided to set you free.

In my dream you stood there

with a condescending glare

I shook my head in pity

and walked away in despair.


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