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The Intimacy of My Soul

Updated on January 27, 2012


Letting Our Love Grow

I love you with all of my heart. I have feelings that could never tear us apart. Baby I’m ready for your love today. I love it when you touch me in any which way. You keep me warm, when I am by your side. You promised me that our love will never die. I will hold on and never let go of you. You are so special to me and our love is so very true. Don’t ever turn away and abandoned me. When I look into your eyes it is your soul that I see. Sometimes, I cling on too much, don’t you know? All I have ever wanted is for our love to grow.

Returning The Favor

As I look around the corner I see you standing there, so precious and so pure without any fear. You are truly my best friend and I love you with all of my heart. I want us to be friends forever and never fall apart. Many don’t know you the way that I do. They don’t know what they’re missing and all that you do. I love you Jesus. I love you Jesus. You are truly my ultimate Lord and Savior. You truly do have me in your favor. I don’t like the way some people use your name. They speak obnoxious words and use your name is vain. I love you more than I love myself. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I want to be at peace and live without any fear. I know that this is possible because you are always there. Jesus, my Lord and Savior I know that you will not give up on me and perhaps one day that I can return the favor.

Free As A Bird

Why can’t I be pretty, beautiful and attractive? I’m severely obese and somewhat active. I get tired of the stuff that keeps going around. I see beautiful people women who aren’t black as coal. I just want my time to shine, before I get to old. Maybe V. was right when he said he was just with me because no one else wanted me. I was so dumb. Why couldn’t I just see? He loved what I could do for him and he broke my heart. He had broken my heart several times and just tore it apart. I thought that I was in love with him. I guess I was in love with the feeling of being in love. My heart became stronger because of providence from up above. I will continue to live my life and be the best that I can be. Maybe one day, God will set me free.

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

You have laid down your life for me. I love you more than the stars and the moon, as you can see. You truly are awesome and you have saved my life. You took in all of the pain without any strife. I will always love you, not just because you first loved me. You were the one who made blind men see. I’ve poured my heart out to you with my trials and tribulations. You would like to end the wars and nations fighting nations. You would like to have good will toward men. You want a whole wide world of peace and not full of sin. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. You are truly my one and only. You keep me from being lonely. I will never forget the day that I became whole. It was the day you reached out to me and saved my soul. I have been through so much in my years on this earth. It was the day that you created me and my mother gave birth. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. You are truly my one and only. You keep me from being lonely. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

I Am Learning To Honor God

In the past when people would speak ill of me, I would get back at them with terrible words. Can’t you see? I am trying to change and be the person that God wants me to be. To kill people with kindness and let them go free. My anger that I feel inside of my heart, has made me lose friendships and has torn me apart. I am not perfect in any way, shape, or form. I guess I’ve been this way since the day that I was born. I have been used, abused, and manipulated by friends. I realize that I am not perfect. I have asked God to forgive me for all of my sins. I am verbally abusive towards people who take my kindness for weakness. I would like to honor people that I have known throughout the years. I want to honor God, stay focused, and dry up all of my tears.

Sweet Dreams My Father

Sweet dreams my Father. I love you. If it weren’t for your absolute kindness, I don’t know where I would be. You’ve given me America, the land of the free. I continue to love you in every special way. Sweet dreams my Father today. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your son Jesus paid the ultimate cost. He secured my everlasting, eternal life and because of him I will never be lost. Sweet dreams my Father. Sweet Dreams my Father. You’ve given me so many chances and forgave me so many times. Thank you Father. Thank you for the love that comes down from the Heavens above. Sweet Dreams my Father. I love you more than mere words can say. I worship and give you praise every day. Thank you, Father for believing in me. Everyone else doubted me and you knew what I could achieve. I will always be your special daughter, whom has been through so much. All, I’ve ever wanted was your presence. Many times I have experienced more than a touch. Your warm hands fill me with The Spirit and get me through my day. Sweet dreams my Father. I can’t wait to see you someday. Sweet dreams my Father. Sweet dreams my Father. You are truly my one and only Father.


Look up into sky and give God all the glory and praise. Rely on Him to walk with you for the rest of your days. Love yourself as Jesus loves you. It is okay to feel sad, hurt, and blue. God loves you for who you are, even if you’re that partier coming from the bar. The Lord loves you even if you beat yourself up. He is your soul provider. He fills your drinking cup. If you are that lady whose husband beats on you, God stills love you and He knows your situation. He is going to help you out. He is going to give you salvation. He even loves your husband, because He knows that your husband is sick. He will get that man help very quick. When you are fornicating with your significant other, He still loves you even if you’re involved in sin. God will erase it all away from the beginning to the end. You have to repent. To repent is to change. When you commit a crime, God is always there. He truly understands and really does care. When you are locked in an institution and you are totally insane. God is there carrying you while using His brain. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. God is love. It has been said that love is what makes the world go around. I am crying as I am writing this poem, because I feel that it is truly profound.


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