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The Kenneth Avery I Know!

Updated on June 10, 2012
This is Festus, Kenneth and Pams new kitty. Isn't he adorable?
This is Festus, Kenneth and Pams new kitty. Isn't he adorable?

Just who is Kenneth Avery?

I have been on HubPages for awhile and have "met" some really nice people. I admire the writers here, for they are dedicated and talented. When hubber Kenneth Avery found out I lived in the same state as he does, Alabama, he became a devoted follower. I also became a devoted follower of his and we started communicating through emails. Eventually we started talking on the phone occassionally and have become fast friends.

For all of the Kenneth fans out there, I wanted to tell you a little more about him. We all know how talented he is as a writer. His humor is endless and his more serious hubs are very touching. He really writes from the heart.

What I have found most enduring about Kenneth is his genuine feelings about things. He is a devoted husband, proud grandfather, hard worker, and one of the most real people I know. He feels deeply about things. He cares. We have brainstormed together about writing and ideas and ways to help each other in our drive to have successful writing careers. We have also talked about many other subjects!

All of you who know him know how sweet his comments are. Does he really feel that he really that grateful to all of his followers? Yes. Yes. Yes. He appreciates them more than you know.

Kenneth is very much the gentleman...a true Southern Gent! He is polite, has morals, treats people with respect and is very careful not to offend anyone. I wish there were more like him out there. I have complained for years that no one seems to have just common manners anymore. Kenneth is a very mannerly man, a very refreshing quality!

As he has mentioned (so I'm not telling anything he would not want me to!) he has fibromyalgia and is in a lot of pain most of the time. Despite this, he does his best to help around the house... cooking dinner for his wife or cleaning up...anything to help out. He is also a man of pride. He wants to succeed at writing (besides just loving to write) so that he can contribute more in a financial way to the family. I have the utmost respect for that.

He and his wife, Pam, recently got a kitten, Festus (see photo of him above). He is one adorable cat and he and Pam are loving him to death! He is very concerned about doing all the right things for Festus and asks me about cat things all the time. It's just typical of him to want to do the very best for all he comes in contact with.

I've had some personal problems lately and he has given me support and encouragement that goes beyond what even friends I've had for over twenty years have done! He genuinely cares and never forgets to ask about things. I don't know about you, but I don't find that many people who are like that nowadays.

He is also a very fascinating person. He has such a wide variety of interests (as you know from his hubs) and thinks about all kinds of things, most of which just amaze me! His imagination is unlimited. I could go on and on, but the main thing I know about Kenneth is that he is the real deal. He is a genuine person.

I have been honored to become such good friends with him. I will tell you about an inside joke we have. We both do a survey site that pays you ten cents for these very short surveys. We can cash out at $15.00. We are both close and we have this running joke that when we get our "big" payout we will take a trip to New York and do the town! You wouldn't believe the hilarious ideas he comes up with about where we will go and what we'll do!

I hope you don't mind me telling your fellow hubbers about you, Kenneth, but I had to let them know that you are truly as good a person as you seem on HubPages. Say hi to Pam and give Festus a kiss, my dear friend!


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